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Program 1705

1. The Orphan Brigade
2. Today's Special—Caproni's Restaurant
3. OlBoysToys Car Club
4. Downtown—Elizabethtown
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For more information:
• Read the story of Breckinridge's charge at Stones River from the Stones River National Battlefield website.

Producer/Editor: Paul Smith
Videographers: Prentice Walker, John Schroering, Brandon Wickey

The Orphan Brigade

They are known as the Orphan Brigade, a group of Kentucky units—infantry and artillery—that fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. In order to enlist, these Confederate sympathizers left the state and organized at camps near Clarksville, Tennessee, in 1861. Cut off from family living in a state held by Union forces for most of the war, the unit later became known as the Orphan Brigade.

The Orphan Brigade was one of the most decorated units of the war, fighting at Shiloh, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, and the Atlanta campaign.

Historians believe the term "Orphan Brigade" came into popular use only after the war. The story goes that Gen. John Breckinridge, on seeing the hundreds of casualties at Stones River in Murfreesboro, cried out, "My poor orphans!"

The loss of life was heartbreaking. The brigade began the war with some 5,000 soldiers, and after some ferocious battles, including over 1,500 casualties in the Atlanta campaign, ended the war with less than 600 men.

Mason County

For more information:
• Caproni's Restaurant, 320 Rosemary Clooney St, Maysville, KY 41056; phone: 606- 564-4321

Producer: Brandon Wickey

Today's Special—Caproni's Restaurant

The next stop in our feature of good foods across the commonwealth takes us to Caproni's Restaurant in Maysville. The Capronis bought the restaurant in 1953 and served classic Italian food for decades. The restaurant is now in new hands but stays true to its Italian roots, while bringing in some American flavor through steaks and chops.

Husband and wife team Joel and Jessica Lavinder operate the restaurant these days. Joel brings his experience as chef at Portofino's in Lexington and Serafini's in Frankfort, and Jessica manages Caproni's.

Patrons enjoy a serene view of the Ohio River and passing trains, and the sounds of saxophone jazz are a Saturday night treat. The menu runs the gamut from seafood to steak to chicken; popular choices are the fried green tomatoes and their lamb chops with homemade mint jelly.

Russell County

For more information:
OlBoysToys Car Club

Producer/Videographer: Frank Simkonis
Audio: Roger Tremaine
Editor: Kelly Campbell

OlBoysToys Car Club

What good ol' boy doesn't love his wheels? The third Saturday of the month from April to September finds the OlBoysToys Car Club in Russell Springs gathered at the Sonic drive-in for their monthly car show. We pay a visit to admire these motor classics and meet their proud owners.

Classic car clubs number in the dozens in Kentucky. Some clubs focus on one model, such as the Mustang or Corvette, while others cast a wider net. The names of the clubs give you an idea of the extent of their devotion: Fatal Obsessions, Sweet Chariots, Xtreme Dreamz, No Remorse, and Undivided Attention, to name a few.

The OlBoysToys Car Club takes part in many other car shows across the state and country. Some members just have one or two cars; others have a lot more. Sit back and enjoy this down-home celebration of classic chrome and steel.

Hardin County

For more information:
Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Bureau

Producer/Editor: Tom Bickel
Videographer: Prentice Walker
Audio: Roger Tremaine


We drive down Dixie Highway for a tour of downtown Elizabethtown, learning more about its history and finding out what the town offers visitors today.

Elizabethtown's past includes encounters with two famous generals. During the Civil War, Confederate Gen. John Hunt Morgan left his mark on the town, shelling it with cannonballs. One cannonball was lodged in the wall of the Depp Building; after an 1887 fire, the cannonball was retrieved and placed again in the rebuilt structure, where it can be seen today. Later, Gen. George Armstrong Custer was stationed here and stayed at what is now known as the Brown-Pusey House, a quiet interlude before he headed west to his ultimate fate in Montana.

Today Elizabethtown offers over 100 restaurants as well as boutiques, jewelry shops and antiques stores. The Historic State Theatre, a newly restored 1942 Art Deco structure, features classic movies, concerts, and stand-up comedy. A walking tour of downtown features two dozen sites of interest, including the historic Public Square and the site where Thomas Lincoln and Sarah Bush Johnston were married.

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