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Program 1713

1. Hoptown Through a Kid's Eyes
2. Today's Special—Cambridge Market & Café
3. Wilderness Survival
4. Junkyard Pottery
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Christian County

Producer: Brandon Wickey

Hoptown Through a Kid's Eyes

Many an 11-year-old has dreamed of writing a book. Darren G-T Shrum of Hopkinsville, with the encouragement of his father, made that dream come true with the publication of the 84-page Hopkinsville, Kentucky: A Kid's Discovery of His Hometown.

The father-son team forged new bonds during this in-depth exploration of their town, Kentucky's sixth largest city. We join Darren, who is now 13, and his father, also named Darren, to visit some of the locations featured in the book: the Ebonite bowling ball factory, the historic Alhambra Theatre on Main Street, and the Woody Winfree Fire and Transportation Museum.

In the book, Darren delves into the town's early history, its famous people—like psychic Edgar Cayce—and its landmarks. A member of the Christian County Historical Society, Darren interviewed politicians, business owners, veterans, and historians about the people and places that make Hopkinsville unique. Darren was a hands-on explorer—he even took his place in the cockpit of an airplane on a trip to the local airport.

Warren County

For more information:
Cambridge Market & Café, Bowling Green

Producer/Editor: Brandon Wickey
Videographer: Angelic Phelps
Audio: Roger Tremaine

Today's Special—Cambridge Market & Café

From Hopkinsville we take a short drive east to the Cambridge Market & Café—billed as Bowling Green's most distinctive delicatessen.

The business serves gourmet sandwiches, soups, and salads with a southern flair. You can even build your own sandwiches from a list of breads, meats, cheeses and condiments. The café is also known for its cheesecakes.

There's often a line out the door at lunchtime, and the café also does brisk business in boxed lunches and catering.

A heart-healthy menu aims to please with low-fat chicken salad, fruit salads, and low-fat dressings—even a low-fat potato salad. The market uses local farmers and the local farmer's market to create its recipes.

Powell County

For more information:
Dave Shuffett's article in Kentucky Living
Nature Reliance School, Winchester
Daniel Boone National Forest

Producer/Editor: Paul Smith
Videographer Angelic Phelps
Audio: Roger Tremaine

Wilderness Survival

What would you do if you were lost in the wilderness? How would you survive? Dave Shuffett's wilderness skills are put to the test when he spends time in the great outdoors with Craig Caudill of the Nature Reliance School in Winchester.

The Nature Reliance School offers classes on everything from basic survival to tracking, hiking, primitive tool making, and knowing which plants are edible (what Caudill likes to call the "eatin' weeds class").

Dave gets quizzed on his nature know-how, reviews his hiking habits, and learns the all-important Rule of Three:

  • Try to maintain your core body temperature within the first three hours.
  • Find water within three days.
  • Find food within three weeks.

Safety experts advise hikers and campers to carry first aid supplies and not to depend on a cell phone, since service is not reliable in remote areas. Dave puts his newfound knowledge to use as he heads out to the Daniel Boone National Forest in Powell County for a daytime survival test.

McCreary County

For more information:
Junkyard Pottery, Parkers Lake

Producer: Dave Shuffett
Videographer: John Schroering Audio: Brent Abshear
Editor: Kelly Campbell

Junkyard Pottery

Carol and Dave Howe of McCreary County operate Junkyard Pottery in the Parkers Lane community. Carol hand throws almost all of the pottery sold there.

Pottery had been a weekend hobby for Carol for years. The couple started the business in 1999 after their retirement, she from social services and he from broadcasting. They have taken classes at the renowned John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina and are members of the Sheltowee Artisans, a juried craft guild based in Somerset.

Carol enjoys creating functional items for everyday use, such as cups, bowls, and vases. Dave builds decorative pieces and small sculptures. He also develops homemade glazes using refined ash from the couple's fireplace.

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