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Program 1810

1. Paul Gilley
2. Historical Marker 1605—Renfro Valley
3. Lexington's Beer Brewing Scene
4. Country Girl Bed and Breakfast
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Morgan County

Producer: Brandon Wickey
Videographers: Jaxon Combs, John Schroering

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Paul Gilley

You may not know his name, but you surely know some of his songs. The late Paul Gilley wrote the lyrics for some famous Hank Williams Sr. hits, such as "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" and "Your Cheatin' Heart." A Morgan County historian is determined to give Gilley the songwriting credits he never got in his lifetime.

Gilley sold his lyrics as a ghost writer, with the agreement that he would not get credit, a common arrangement in the day. Lynn Nickell of Morgan County, who has written numerous books on the county's history, has spent the past couple of years researching and writing Paul Gilley: The Ghost Writer in the Sky.

The 6-foot-9 Gilley, who played basketball at Morehead State University in the early 1950s, nurtured a talent in poetry and song from his early years. He sold songs with partner Carter Gibbs, who served as a source for Nickell's book.

Much of Gilley's personal history is lost. He died young at age 27 in a drowning accident, and his heartbroken parents burned many of his belongings. However, Nickell found sources to substantiate claims for Gilley's songwriting, including copies of contracts and letters from Carter Gibbs. In addition, a 1981 biography of Hank Williams Sr. also credits Gilley as the lyric writer to some classic Williams hits.

We visit Morgan County for its Paul Gilley Day Celebration.

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Rockcastle County

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Renfro Valley Entertainment Center

Producer: Jim Piston

Historical Marker 1605—Renfro Valley

Tennessee has Nashville, and Missouri has Branson, and Kentucky has Renfro Valley. Renfro Valley was the dream of Rockcastle County native John Lair. It all began back in 1939, when the radio program "Renfro Valley Barn Dance" hit the radio airwaves, first on WLW in Cincinnati then on WHAS in Louisville.

The barn dance drew crowds by the hundreds. Stars of yesteryear like Red Foley, the Coon Creek Girls, and Slim Miller entertained.

Today Renfro Valley offers shows from March through December, still bringing in hundreds of fans of country, gospel, and mountain bluegrass. The 55-acre complex also includes shops and restaurants, as well as an RV park.

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Fayette County

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Producer: Dave Shuffett
Videographer: David Dampier
Audio: Roger Tremaine
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Lexington's Beer Brewing Scene

Craft breweries are building a loyal following nationwide, even finding a niche in the land of bourbon. We visit two Lexington breweries to meet the folks behind the newest locally brewed beers.

Country Boy Brewing, whose logo features a pickup truck, is run by three men with country roots: Evan Coppage, Jeff Beagle, and Daniel Harrison. Located near the University of Kentucky campus off Broadway, the brewery offers a number of unique ales, including Jalapeno Smoked Porter, and coffee stouts as well.

West Sixth Brewery is located on Lexington's north side in an old bread factory. The brewery's owners hope the business will be a key fixture in the revitalized neighborhood. They offer locally made pretzels and beer cheese, and they are the only Kentucky brewery that cans beer.

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Hart County

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Country Girl at Heart Bed and Breakfast

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographers: Angelic Phelps, David Dampier
Audio: Doug Collins
Editor: Jim Piston

Country Girl at Heart

If you long to experience an old-fashioned family farm with chickens, goats, ducks, and horses, then Darlene Rose knows how you feel. Better yet, she can help you live the dream.

A transplanted Northerner, Rose and her four daughters have created Country Girl at Heart Bed and Breakfast.

Located on a 140-acre farm in Munfordville in Hart County, Country Girl welcomes guest not just to admire the view but to take part in farm life. Guests can help feed the chickens, collect eggs, even move livestock to new pastures.

Rose focuses on organic farming, local foods served in season, and green-living practices. The linens are made from organic cotton or bamboo, cellulose insulation was used in the farmhouse addition, and sun pipes move daylight inside. Breakfasts feature farm fresh eggs, fresh fruit, and locally made Amish jellies. It's all part of this country girl's dream come true.

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