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Program 1819

1. Rodeo Sisters
2. Our Town—Rogues' Harbor
3. Jesse James in Kentucky
4. Dave Does It!—Single Action Shooting
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Henderson County

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographers: Prentice Walker, Steve Shaffer
Audio: Brent Abshear
Editor: Jim Piston

Rodeo Sisters

The Old West comes to life on this edition of Kentucky Life. We begin with a fast-paced rodeo story out of Henderson County. Meet Kendall and Kenzie Gentry, teen-age sisters who have won countless barrel racing titles.

In barrel racing, a rider takes a horse at full speed into a 180-degree turn around each of three barrels laid out in a clover-leaf pattern, striving for the fastest time. Don't look away when you're watching this event—winning times are about 13 seconds.

Kendall and Kenzie began competing and winning as very young girls. They trained their own horses, and are completely responsible for their care. They have also competed—and won—in the rodeo events of pole-bending and goat-tying, but barrel racing is what they enjoy the most.

You can appreciate their talents all the more when you can see it close-up from the horse's point of view. This segment features some exciting perspectives from cameras mounted on horseback—and on the barrels.

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Logan County

Producer: John Schroering
Audio: Roger Tremaine

Our Town—Rogues' Harbor

Russellville, the county seat of Logan County, was once known as Rogues' Harbor. How did this now-peaceful town get such a villainous name?

The story goes back over 200 years to the frontier days. Criminals—thieves, murderers, counterfeiters—who were not inclined to serve their prison time found the lawless parts of Kentucky the perfect place to hide out in the 1790s.

A local Methodist minister, alarmed by the number of ne'er-do-wells who were moving in, called the place Rogues' Harbor. The "rogues" badly outnumbered what little law enforcement there was—known as "regulator posses."

Redemption soon came. The religious revival known as the Second Great Awakening came to Logan County in June 1800 with a camp meeting featuring five days of emotional preaching at the Red River Meeting House.

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Logan County

Producer: Paul Smith
Videographer: John Schroering
Audio: Brent Abshear

Jesse James in Kentucky

Russellville was recovering from the Civil War when an old Confederate guerilla gang from Missouri that was up to no good made its way to town one day in 1868. Among the men, many believe, was the infamous Jesse James (1847-1882).

The gang robbed the Nimrod Long Banking Co. of Russellville on March 20, 1868. The bank president, Mr. Long himself, was shot and wounded. Jesse James later denied being there. However, it is certain that Jesse knew Kentucky well. His father, a minister, was born in Logan County, and his aunt lived in Adairville, providing him a convenient Kentucky hideout.

Jesse's gang hit a Kentucky bank again on April 29, 1872, when they robbed the Deposit Bank of Columbia, and killed an unarmed cashier. On Sept. 3, 1880, they held up a stagecoach on the road from Mammoth Cave to Cave City.

The years went by in a blur of bank and train robberies as the outlaw's legend grew. It all ended for Jesse James in 1882, when he was shot in the back of the head in his own home in St. Joseph, Missouri, by a trusted ally who wanted to collect bounty money.

The Russellville bank robbery is re-enacted every year at the Logan County Tobacco and Heritage Festival. The Adairville home where Jesse hid out with his aunt's family still stands today.

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Jackson County

For more information:
Hooten Old Town

Producers: Valerie Trimble, Angelic Phelps
Videographer: John Schroering
Audio: Noel Depp
Editor: Jim Piston

Dave Does It!—Single Action Shooting

Enjoy our version of an old action-oriented spaghetti Western when Dave Shuffett joins the Hooten Old Town Regulators of McKee in a Single Action Shooting Competition.

In this target shooting competition, people use firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West. Single action firearms must be manually cocked before each shot. Hooten Old Town has a shoot-out each month at its facility just outside McKee.

The Single Action Shooting Society is as much about preserving cowboy heritage as it is target shooting. Participants adopt an identity appropriate for the 19th century. Hooten Old Town is set up to look like an Old West town, with a saloon, jail, blacksmith, and hangman's gallows.

Armed with his cowboy alias, Driftin' Dave, and sporting cowboy clothes, Dave tries his hand at some Old West marksmanship.

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