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Program 1904

1. Haunts of Owensboro
2. Historical Marker 1904—Haycraft Inn
3. The Whipps
4. Louisville Food Trucks
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Daviess County

For more information:
Haunts of Owensboro

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Producer: Frank Simkonis
Audio: Brent Abshear
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Haunts of Owensboro

Union Army soldiers, a mysterious Lady in White, a grieving father and his pregnant daughter—could all these spirits still be lingering in Owensboro?

Local historian and storyteller David Wolfe conducted interviews with local citizens and historians, spent hours researching downtown buildings, and then pulled it all together and came up with his Haunts of Owensboro Tour, modeled after the historic ghost tour that is such a tourist favorite in Savannah, Georgia.

On the ghost tour is the Theatre Workshop of Owensboro, the scene of a family tragedy back when it was the Trinity Church. A priest found out his young daughter was with child; angry and humiliated, he banished her from his sight. Hours later he found her body hanging from the church bell tower. Disconsolate, he then took his own life as well.

More spirits can be found at the site of Daviess County Courthouse, which was burned by Confederates in 1865. Union solders who occupied the old structure are said to lurk outside the current courthouse, still watchful to this day.

Even RiverPark Center is believed to have its own spirit—a Lady in White who occasionally spooks patrons of the arts.


Hardin County

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Producer: Jim Piston

Historical Marker 1904—Haycraft Inn

The oldest standing structure in Radcliff, Haycraft Inn was a busy stagecoach stop back in the heyday from 1825-1849.

The inn was located on one of America's first hard-surface roads, the Louisville-Nashville turnpike (now Wilson Road). Coleman Lewis built the first section of the structure in 1814. Daniel Haycraft enlarged it in 1820. It operated as an inn as late as 1884. The inn is listed on the National Registry of Historical Places.

Greenup County

For more information:
The Whipps

Producer: Frank Simkonis
Videographers: John Schroering, David Dampier, Chris Cheek, Prentice Walker, Frank Simkonis
Audio: Doug Collins
Audio Post: Brent Abshear
Editor: Dan Taulbee

The Whipps

There's hip hop, country, and rock—but the Whipps are introducing us to hick hop.

Don Hanshaw, a singer/songwriter and drummer, got together with Larry Collinsworth, a guitarist and composer, and thus was born the unique sound of the Whipps. Blending traditional instruments like banjo, dobro, and mandolin with newer sounds and hybrid elements, the band has been described as a country crossbreed. Greg Fletcher plays drums and Corky Holbrook is on bass.

Their first album was titled "Ghettobillies." As they say in the title song, "Livin just livin, we're back in the woods/Don't mean we don't like a hip hop tune." They hit the Country Indie chart in summer 2013 with "Honestly."

Greenup County is known as the gateway to the Country Music Highway, and the band members are inspired by the musical heritage of their home. They are at work on a second album, "Boomin."


Jefferson County

Producer: Angelic Phelps
Videographer: Warren Mace

Louisville Food Trucks

Food trucks have taken the Derby City by storm. From gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to homemade desserts, Louisville's mobile kitchens have what it takes to feed your appetite.

Leah Stewart, a former wedding cake designer, is chef and owner of Louisville Dessert Truck. "We're bringing gourmet food to the streets where the people are," she said.

Many food truck operators enjoy the creative freedom of their mobile kitchens. Jesse and Liz Huat are the owner-operators of the Grind Gourmet Burger Truck. They make their burger creations from scratch. "I grind all the beef myself from specific cuts," said Jesse. "We use mostly local products."

Matt Davis, the owner/operator of Lil Cheezers Gourmet Grilled Cheese, explains the advantages of mobile kitchens for chefs. "There's some really established chefs operating out of these trucks now—not just because of the low overhead. Because it brings your food to a new population everywhere you go."


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