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Program 1915

1. Lexington Vintage Dance
2. Our Town—Louisa
3. YouthBuild Louisville
4. Gene Glastetter and Versace
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Fayette County

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Lexington Vintage Dance

Producer/Editor: Brandon Wickey
Videographers: Brandon Wickey, Jaxon Combs, John Schroering, David Dampier, Prentice Walker, Chris Cheek, Justin Allen
Audio: Roger Tremaine
Lighting: Roger Bondurant
Technical Director: Dan Taulbee
Engineer: Lena Combs
Associate Producer: Becca Combs

Lexington Vintage Dance

From the waltzes of the 1800s to the animal dances of the 20th century ragtime era, Lexington Vintage Dance re-creates the manners and culture of times past.

"Vintage" dance is defined as dance from the early 1800s through the 1930s. The living history performances of Lexington Vintage Dance are much in demand: The troupe takes its dances—the reel and the two-step, the foxtrot and the Charleston—just about everywhere, from historic re-enactments to schools and retirement communities.

Its "A Romantic Revel in the Athens of the West" was inspired by the Abraham Lincoln bicentennial. Lexington Vintage Dance had musicologist Nikos Pappas find and arrange Kentucky-composed dance music from the 19th century and record it with members of the Lexington Philharmonic and other Lexington musical notables. We watched performances in Lexington and Springfield.

The troupe's "Dances of the Downton Abbey Era" was inspired by the series on KET. A troupe choreographer created a program built around fictional readings from the characters' point of view, using these to introduce the dancing styles of the time—from the animal dances like the turkey trot to the tango and the Charleston. We traveled with the dancers to see a performance at the Perry County Public Library in Hazard.

Lexington Vintage Dance both performs and teaches. If you're interested in learning these dances, the group offers lessons periodically at both ArtsPlace and Mind Body Studio in Lexington.

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Dave Does It!—Ballroom Dancing
• Dave Shuffett danced with Lexington Vintage Dance at a re-enactment of the wedding of Abraham Lincoln's parents. The Lincoln Wedding: A Kentucky Life Special (at the 48:58 mark)

Lawrence County

Producer/Editor: John Schroering
Videographer: Jaxon Combs, John Schroering
Audio: Jaxon Combs

Our Town—Louisa

Louisa, home of Yatesville Lake State Park, offers visitors great fishing, boating, hiking, and an abundance of wildlife—including the only American bald eagle nesting area in Eastern Kentucky.

Bald eagles eat fish as their main source of food, so they are usually found near large bodies of water like Yatesville Lake, a 2,300-acre mountain reservoir. The lake averages 40 feet in depth and is known for its bass, bluegill, and crappie.

Louisa is located just off the Country Music Highway, U.S. 23, across the Big Sandy River from West Virginia. Septemberfest is held annually downtown.

Jefferson County

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YouthBuild Louisville

Producer/Videographer: Frank Simkonis

YouthBuild Louisville

You can see the fruits of their labor already in refurbished houses, community gardens, and hiking trails. For the young adults in YouthBuild Louisville, it's about helping out, learning job skills, and building their own futures.

YouthBuild Louisville is one of over 200 YouthBuild programs nationally. Lower-income young adults between 16 and 24 work full-time for six to 24 months toward a GED® or high school diploma while gaining job skills working on community service projects.

More than 350 young people have graduated from the YouthBuild Louisville program in the past 12 years. In the past three years, 45 of its students have attended college. Each student completes 675 hours of service during his or her program year. YouthBuild works with local businesses to place students in jobs after their graduation.

Funded by the Department of Labor and locally by the Louisville Metro Office of Youth Development, the campus is located in the Smoketown neighborhood.

McCracken County

For more information:
United States Dog Agility Association

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographers: Charles Watson, Valerie Trimble
Audio: Doug Collins
Editor: Jim Piston

Gene Glastetter and Versace

Dog agility—the fastest growing dog sport in the United States—demands almost as much from the handler as from the dog. Yet Gene Glastetter of Paducah, who uses a motorized wheelchair, makes a formidable teammate for his dog Versace.

In agility trials, dogs of all breeds compete over imaginatively designed obstacle courses. Handlers generally direct the dogs around the courses by running between the obstacles and using hand signals and vocal commands. Gene sends Versace, a Belgian Malinois, around the course with verbal signals such as "tunnel, "climb it," and "switch."

Glastetter and Versace practice year-round. He began by training her in basic obedience and built on her skills from there.

Viral videos of some of their agility runs resulted in an invitation to compete in Purina Pro Plan's televised "Incredible Dog Challenge" in Florida. Dave Shuffett meets Gene and Versace, watches them compete in trials at their Paducah home base, and learns about agility.

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