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Program 209

1. swinging bridges
2. Adventure Camp for special Scouts
3. artist Sam Gilliam
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For more information:
• Mike Mullins, Hindman Settlement School, (606) 785-5475

Producer: Charlee Heaton Pagoulatos

Swinging on Home

Eastern Kentucky’s homemade bridges

In the first segment, host Byron Crawford sets off through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky in search of swinging bridges. These homemade structures, some generations old, are sometimes the only way residents have of reaching their homes across mountain streams. Byron visits four family bridges and talks to people in Hi Hat (Floyd County) and Oneida (Clay County) about what the bridges mean to their families.

For more information:
• Ken Miller, Lincoln Heritage Council, Boy Scouts of America, (502) 361-2624

Producer: Judy Flavell

Prepared for Adventure

photo of camper and counselor fishing Scouting Adventure Camp

Boys and girls with physical or mental disabilities come to Camp Crooked Creek in Bullitt County for Adventure Camp and the chance to be just regular Scouts. But their teachers say the self-confidence and enthusiasm generated by the program helps the kids in their schoolwork, too.

The camp is part of Scouting Unlimited, a program sponsored by the Lincoln Heritage Council of the Boy Scouts of America to provide classroom activities and Scouting adventures to children with handicaps.

For more information:
Speed Art Museum, (502) 636-2893

Producer: Guy Mendes

A Little Abstract

artist Sam Gilliam

Millions of travelers see Sam Gilliam’s work as they pass through airports in Atlanta, New York, and Washington, DC. But the work of this Louisville artist can also be found in museums in London, Paris, and New York. His 1990s work Construction graces the Speed Art Museum on the campus of the University of Louisville, in his hometown. Come along with us to visit the abstract expressionist in his studio and see some of his works.

Gilliam is one of the 14 Kentucky artists featured in KET’s Looking at Painting. That web site includes a biography and samples of his work.

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