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Program 211

1. exhibitors: strutting their stuff
2. food: ostrich, anyone?
3. contests: fast talkers and racing pigs
4. the midway
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Kentucky State Fair

State Fair Special

Host Byron Crawford heads to Louisville for the 1996 Kentucky State Fair, exploring some of the sights and meeting some of the people in segments that pay tribute to Kentucky’s agricultural heritage and get some of the “flavor” of the annual all-Kentucky event.

For more information:
• 4-H Programs, (859) 257-5605; Gaines Green, Kentucky Sheep and Wool Producers Association, (502) 833-4863; American Dairy Association of Kentucky, (502) 451-1138; The Kentucky Beef Council, (859) 233-3722

sheep strutting their stuff

Cattle and Rabbits and Lambs—Oh, My!

Byron starts in the animal buildings, where Erin Herndon and Craig Snider, both of Simpson County in southwestern Kentucky, talk about preparing and showing lambs. Craig also is involved in showing cattle.

Next, Byron visits with Wendy and Dottie Brundige of Fulton. The two teenagers speak with pride about their cows and give some insight into life on a dairy farm.

Byron also speaks with Paul Colson of Cynthiana, whose father started his dairy business in the 1940s. The whole Colson family comes to the fair each year for a “working vacation.”

Next are two girls who raise rabbits: Ellanna and Mellissa Stark of Louisville. Raising and grooming these animals is fairly easy, they say; the gentle rabbits love to be brushed.

For more information:
• Kentucky Ratite Council, 11525 Owen West Road, Hopkinsville, KY 42240, (502) 269-9866. “Cooking with Kentucky Commodities,” a pamphlet with recipes and tips designed for school use, is available from the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, (859) 257-1812.

Ostrich, anyone?

Hungry? Our next segment focuses on food, with a special emphasis on ratites—large birds such as the ostrich, emu, and rhea, raised in Kentucky for meat, oil, leather, and feathers. We also stop by the “Great Kentucky Cookout” tent to sample inch-thick pork chops, country ham, lamb, fish, and dairy products.

For more information:
• Glen Birdwhistell, Kentucky Auctioneers Association, (502) 839-3456

Fair Competition

In many respects, competition defines the State Fair. Kentucky Life showcases the auctioneers’ contest (won by Chuck Marshall of Flemingsburg), learns how a rooster-crowing contest is judged (by the number of crows in 15 minutes), and finds out how fast pigs can race (pretty fast—if there’s a cookie in it for them!).

On the Midway

A sentimental journey concludes our visit to the fair as Byron takes a trip through the midway, where the double Ferris wheel and other rides bring joy to the hearts of fairgoers young and old.

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