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Program 308

1. making country ham
2. classic cars
3. father-and-daughter photographers
4. canoeing the Licking
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For more information:
Father’s Country Hams, P.O. Box 99, Bremen, KY 42325, (877) 525-4267

Producer, videographer: Gale Worth
Editor: Esther Reed

Slow Food

Father’s Country Hams

Some things get better with age, and one of those things is country ham. In this segment, we travel to Father’s Country Hams at Gatton Farms in Bremen to learn some of the secrets of curing hams the old-fashioned way. It’s not a task for the impatient: Hams need up to 16 months in the smokehouse to become the salty Southern staple that goes so perfectly with biscuits and red-eye gravy.

The farm is located on Kentucky Highway 81 one and one-half miles north of Bremen in Muhlenberg County.

For more information:
• Art Bigelow, Southern Knights of Central Kentucky Car Club, (502) 863-3960

Producer: Gale Worth
Videographers: Gale Worth, John Breslin
Editor: Esther Reed

Doin’ the Boonesborough Boogie

photo of classic car Classic car cruise-in

Kentuckians who are crazy for classic cars find plenty of like-minded folk at the “cruise-ins” sponsored by the Southern Knights of Central Kentucky Car Club. In this segment, we visit such a gathering at Fort Boonesborough State Park—an annual event known as the “Boonesborough Boogie”—to meet some of them and admire their prized automobiles.

Perfect preservation is the goal of many of these dedicated restorers ... sometimes down to duplicating the im-perfections found in the original paint job from the factory.

For more information:
• Maryjohn Carmon, (270) 781-3959

Producer: Barbara Deeb
Videographer: David Brinkley

Family Photos

Father-and-daughter photographers John and Maryjohn Carmon

Bowling Green photographer John Carmon had a heart attack a few years ago. Daughter Maryjohn Carmon started helping out with the business during his recovery, using the knowledge she had picked up from years of hanging around dad’s office. Today, they operate the photography studio together—a father-and-daughter team that really clicks.

For more information:
Thaxton’s Canoe Trails, 33 Hornbeek Rd., Suite 3, Butler, KY 41006, (859) 472-2000 or (877) 643-8762

Producer, videographer: Gale Worth

Paddle Boats

canoe cartoon Canoeing the Licking River

Wildlife and other scenic treasures abound in this segment, a peaceful canoe trip on the Licking River. Kentucky Life producer Joy Flynn is accompanied by Jim Thaxton, who operates a canoeing business near Falmouth in Pendleton County.

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