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Program 309

1. a Boone County apple farm
2. life in Kentucky’s western tip
3. making jockey silks
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For more information:
• McGlasson’s Fruit Farm, (859) 689-5229

Producer: Donna Ross
Videographer: George Murphy
Audio: Chuck Burgess
Editor: Dan Taulbee

An Apple a Day

photo of apples McGlasson’s Fruit Farm

Tobacco is still Kentucky’s number one cash crop, but apples are in the top 10. In this segment, Kentucky Life visits a Northern Kentucky family that’s been in the apple-growing business for five generations.

At their farm near Taylorsport, in Boone County, the McGlassons grow apples and other fruits and vegetables and operate a cider mill. Lately they also have found themselves getting into the tour business, with busloads of schoolchildren descending upon them every fall.

The farm is located on Kentucky Route 8 near Taylorsport.

For more information:
• Hickman Community Development Office, (270) 236-2553

Producer, editor, videographer: David Brinkley

As Far West as You Can Go

Life in Kentucky’s western tip

To get to Kentucky’s westernmost point by land, you have to go through Tennessee. At the New Madrid or Kentucky Bend, the Mississippi River dips south and then doubles back to the northwest before finally turning south again. In the 1820s, a joint Kentucky-Tennessee commission (formed after a bitter border dispute that included an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and even a threat of forced occupation by Kentucky) finally drew a state line that cuts right through the river’s two hairpin bends, creating an isolated “peninsula” that belongs to Kentucky but is almost completely surrounded by the river.

Today, the people of the bend are mostly farmers. In this segment, we visit some of them and learn how the odd geography of the region has shaped their lives.

For more information:
• Silks Unlimited, 535 W. Second, Lexington, KY 40508, (859) 259-0116

Producer: Donna Ross
Videographer: George Murphy
Editor: Dan Taulbee

What the Well-Dressed Jockey Is Wearing

Silks Unlimited

Patricia Green, owner of Silks Unlimited in Lexington, likes to say that the first thing you need in horse racing is a horse—and the last thing is a set of silks. Her company designs and sews colorful racing silks for dozens of horse farms. Learn some of the tricks of the trade and visit the jockey’s room and the laundry room at a racetrack in this segment.

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