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Program 311

1. the Dinsmore Homestead
2. Glendale and the Whistle Stop Café
3. horse-powered logging
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For more information:
Dinsmore Homestead, 5656 Burlington Pike, Burlington, KY 41005, (859) 586-6117

Producer: Kelli Summers

The Northern Frontier

cartoon of log cabin Dinsmore Homestead

In 1839, James Dinsmore established a farm on the rich, loamy soil along the Ohio River near Burlington in Boone County. The Dinsmore family remained on the land for generations, cultivating grapes, raising sheep, and growing willow for basket weaving. Today, the homestead is a modest museum where visitors can see five generations’ worth of family possessions that illuminate how life was lived in rural Kentucky in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Producer, videographer, editor: David Brinkley

Kentucky’s Mayberry

Glendale and the Whistle Stop

Thanks to reruns, several generations of TV watchers have now grown up with the picture of small-town life provided by The Andy Griffith Show. The Mayberry, North Carolina of Sheriff Taylor, Deputy Fife, Opie, and Aunt Bee was fictitious, but in Hardin County, Kentucky, we’ve found a real-life counterpart: the friendly town of Glendale. Come with us as we meet some of the residents of this quaint Southern town.

Glendale has much to offer the visitor, including a wealth of antique shops. But no trip to the town is complete without a visit to the Whistle Stop Café. It’s so close to the railroad tracks that the whole place vibrates when a train goes by, but the fried green tomatoes and other traditional Southern fare make it worth getting a little shaken up. In this segment, Kentucky Life meets the owners and samples another specialty of the house—sugar cream pie!

Producer, videographer: Gale Worth
Editor: Esther Reed


Horse-powered logging

While still in Hardin County, we wrap up this show with a profile of a logger with a lot of horse sense—and horsepower. Gary Anderson and his wife operate a profitable timber-cutting operation that relies on draft horses for power and demonstrates their commitment to sustainable, environmentally sound forestry methods.

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