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Program 403

1. the Swamp Valley Museum
2. Cowgirl Attic
3. Hubcap Man
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Menifee County

For more information:
• Swamp Valley Museum, (606) 768-3250

Producer, videographer: Gale Worth

Clayton’s Collection

Swamp Valley sign The Swamp Valley Museum

In Menifee County—the sign says it’s “half way between Possum Hollow and Lizzard Ridge”—you’ll find Swamp Valley, where Clayton Wells is happy to show visitors around his homespun “museum and novelty shop.” The exhibits, housed in several buildings on the property, represent more than a century’s worth of “Kentucky life,” from birth (midwives’ equipment) to death (a coffin-making shop). On his tour, host Byron Crawford also checks out a 19th-century buggy, antique books and newspapers, and “The John Poplin’s Civil War Home.”

The museum is located eight miles east of Frenchburg on Highway 460.

Fayette County

For more information:
The Cowgirl Attic, 1535 Delaware Ave., Lexington, KY 40502, (859) 225-3876

Producer: Ellen Soileau

Rounding Up the Goods

Cowgirl Attic

She’s never been to Texas and doesn’t own a horse, but Karen Payne of Lexington thinks of herself as a cowgirl in spirit. So when the former jewelry designer decided to open a little antique shop, she named it Cowgirl Attic. The merchandise also includes “all kinds of eclectic junk,” and Karen regularly scours condemned houses for items that might be useful in her home-renovation business.

Lincoln County

For more information:
• Don Wright, U.S. Highway 127, Somerset, KY 42501, (606) 365-4019

Producer: Charlee Pagoulatos

The Hub of the Matter

Hubcap Man

If you’re looking for that hard-to-find hubcap, Lincoln County is the place and Don Wright is the man to see. He’s been collecting and trading in these automotive accessories for years, and sells them from a roadside stand where roosters and roadsters rest side by side.

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