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Program 405

1. whittler Gene Ewing
2. the Hinton family sawmill
3. Cumberland River bridge
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Henderson County

For more information:
• Gene Ewing, 6712 Old Henderson-Spottsville Road, Spottsville, KY 42458, (502) 827-5925

Producer: Donna Ross

Whittling Away the Hours

Whittler Gene Ewing

Gene Ewing of Henderson County turns Green River driftwood into small-scale works of art. But don’t refer to him as a “carver.” Ewing will be quick to correct you: What he does, he explains, is whittle. Using only an ordinary pocketknife, he creates diminutive log cabins, tiny Western towns, and other exquisitely detailed miniatures.

Breckinridge County

For more information:
• Jim Hinton, Route 3, Box 156, Hardinsburg, KY 40143, (502) 257-2654

Producer, videographer: David Brinkley

Sawdust in Their Blood

The Hinton family sawmill

The Hinton family of Hardinsburg, in Breckinridge County, also cut wood—but on a somewhat larger scale. The Hintons have been operating a sawmill for 70 years. In this segment, they take us through the entire process, from trees to two-by-fours.

Whitley County

For more information:
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, 7351 Hwy. 90, Corbin, KY 40701, (800) 325-0063

Producer: Ernie Lee Martin

Set in Stone

A hand-made Cumberland River bridge

Our salute to pride in workmanship concludes with a look at the history of an unusual bridge over the Cumberland River near the famous falls. In 1952, the R.R. Dawson Company was hired to build a new bridge over the river. Working mostly with hand-quarried stone, McCreary and Whitley County artisans created a picturesque span that blends in with the natural beauty of the area.

The bridge is located near Cumberland Falls (featured in Kentucky Life Program 401) in the state park. The park is located 18 miles west of Corbin on KY Highway 90.

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