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Program 415

1. painter/musician/filmmaker Patrick McNeese
2. artist/actor John Arrasmith
3. Newsom’s Old Mill Store
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Fayette County

For more information:
• McNeese Productions, 122 N. Upper St., Lexington, KY 40507, (859) 254-2270

Producer: Mike Brower

Multi-Media Man

Painter, musician, and filmmaker Patrick McNeese

Lexington’s Patrick McNeese is an improviser. Both his paintings and his musical performances have a free-form quality that comes from letting the paint or the notes flow where they will. When he wants a creative outlet with a little more structure, he can turn to film: McNeese has worked as a production designer on several independent films, including Congress of Wonders, an adaptation of an Ed McClanahan short story, and 100 Proof, a docudrama based on a grisly Lexington crime in which two women went on a one-night killing spree. KET has also aired Hemplands, a documentary on the history and politics of hemp growing that Pat produced and directed.

This Kentucky Life profile shows McNeese at home in all three media. At the University of Kentucky Art Museum, we visit an exhibition of his paintings. We also hear some of his original music and see clips from his film work.

Boone County

Producer: Kelli Summers

Native Arts

Costume designer John Arrasmith

Another Kentucky artist who’s also involved in filmmaking is John Arrasmith of Boone County. When not making and selling his “wearable art” clothing, Arrasmith creates authentic reproductions of Native American costumes and artifacts for the movies. One place to see his work is the Academy Award-winning Dances With Wolves. And if you look closely, you might see Arrasmith himself: Actor-director Kevin Costner cast the artist in two small roles, as a buffalo hunter and a scout.

Caldwell County

For more information:
Newsom’s Country Hams, 208 E. Main St., Princeton, KY 42445, (270) 365-2482

Producer: Donna Ross

Down by the Old Mill Store

Newsom’s Country Hams and Store

Our final segment is a visit to a place that could make a wonderful location for any filmmaker looking for an authentic old-fashioned country store. Newsom’s Old Mill Store in Princeton has been run by the same family since 1917. Known regionally for its aged-to-perfection country ham, Newsom’s also prides itself on a long tradition of personal service. Alongside the seeds and feed, you’ll find fresh local produce and gourmet country food products.

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