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Program 421

1. muralist David Jones
2. fiber artist Arturo Sandoval
3. Bad Branch Nature Preserve
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Warren County

Producer: Timothy Bischoff

Walls of Art

Mural painter C. David Jones

If your child likes to draw on the walls, don’t be too quick to scold. According to David Jones, you could have a budding artist in the family.

Jones remembers feeling those childhood urges to decorate the walls. Now he actually makes a living at it, through commissions to paint murals. Many of his works can be seen gracing homes, businesses, and public buildings around Bowling Green.

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Fayette County

Producer: Judy Banta

The Fabric of Art

Fiber artist Arturo Sandoval

One Arturo Sandoval is a well-known jazz musician. Another one, profiled here, is just as well known in his own creative field—fiber art. The weaver, photographer, and University of Kentucky teacher has won international renown for his work.

Sandoval traces his artistic roots back through his family, generations of weavers in the American Southwest. But he gives his work a distinctive, contemporary stamp through the use of recycled and other unusual materials.

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Letcher County

For more information:
Bad Branch State Nature Preserve, P.O. Box 102, Whitesburg, KY 41858, (606) 633-0362

Producer, videographer: Gale Worth

Quoth the Raven

Bad Branch State Nature Preserve

From artistic beauty, we turn to natural beauty for our final segment, a visit to Bad Branch State Nature Preserve in Letcher County. This rugged preserve shelters several endangered and rare species, including Kentucky’s only known nesting pair of common ravens, and gives the modern-day human visitor a glimpse of what the Eastern Kentucky forest was like before any settlement. It also shows why the early settlers remained so isolated for so long: This rugged territory is located on the south side of Pine Mountain, a 125-mile-long ridge that crosses most of three Kentucky counties and is unbroken by any gap for 90 of those miles.

Bad Branch can also be seen in the expanded Kentucky Life special Kentucky’s Last Great Places.

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