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Program 426

1. the Doe Run Inn
2. the musical Hamblin family
3. a summer art camp for adults
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Breckinridge County

For more information:
Doe Run Inn, 500 Doe Run Hotel Road, Brandenburg, KY 40108, (270) 422-2982

Producer, videographer, editor: Jerry Barnaby

Do Drop In

The Doe Run Inn

Folklore has it that Abraham Lincoln’s father was one of the stonemasons who helped lay the foundation for the building that’s now the Doe Run Inn in Breckinridge County. And Mr. Lincoln and colleagues built it to last: The structure that started life as a mill in 1792 has now passed two century marks and is still going strong as a cozy place for a weekend getaway or a hearty dinner drawn from a menu of regional Kentucky specialties.

The two-foot-thick limestone walls lend a lot of privacy. But guests who prefer the sounds of nature can set a spell on the screened porch overlooking Doe Run Creek. Inside, antiques fill the 11 rooms; outside, the creek rambles over several small, picturesque waterfalls.

The Doe Run Inn is located just off Kentucky 488 between U.S. 60 and Kentucky 1638.

Laurel County

Producer: Donna Ross
Videographer: Gale Worth
Audio: Beth White
Editor: Dan Taulbee

The Family That Plays Together ...

The musical Hamblins

In our next segment, travel to Laurel County with us to meet musical couple Moses and Evelyn Hamblin. In her case, it’s probably genetic: Evelyn’s mother, Dora Mae Wagers, was a founding member of the original Coon Creek Girls. During Kentucky Life’s visit, mom joins her daughter and son-in-law for a living-room jam session featuring traditional mountain tunes.

Washington County

Producer: Kelli Summers
Videographer: George Murphy
Editors: Otis Ballard, Dan Taulbee

Off to Camp

Open Ground Art Camp

Who says summer camp is just for kids? At Don Bocklage’s art camp, held on his Washington County farm in 1999, we watched adults and teens get instruction in a variety of arts and crafts from visiting teachers. It was relaxing and fun, but the students took their learning pretty seriously, too.

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