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Program 506

1. Rugby, a 19th-century utopia
2. Kentucky’s Frank Lloyd Wright house
3. Lindsey Wilson College chapel
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Rugby, TN

For more information:
Historic Rugby, P.O. Box 8, State Scenic Hwy. 52, Rugby, TN 37733, (423) 628-2441 or (888) 214-3400

Producer: Ernie Lee Martin

Heaven on Earth?

The planned community of Rugby

The 19th century saw various attempts by reformers and dreamers to create utopian communities, designed from the ground up to promote harmony and self-sufficiency. One of them is Rugby, a small Tennessee town just across the McCreary County line in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area, which straddles the Kentucky-Tennessee border.

The visionary in this case was Englishman Thomas Hughes. Inspired in part by the work of architect Andrew Jackson Downing, he created a town of dollhouse-like buildings, painted in earthy colors, surrounded by peaceful public spaces. Rugby also owed much to the work of landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted and embodied a precept that would also guide Frank Lloyd Wright: that architecture is not just about creating individual buildings, but has important consequences for the well-being of both individual people and society as a whole.

Franklin County

For more information:
• Zeigler-Brockman House, (502) 227-7164

Producer: Ernie Lee Martin

Just the Wright Thing

The Zeigler House

Our focus on architecture continues with a visit to the only house in Kentucky built by Frank Lloyd Wright himself.

In 1910, the Rev. Jesse R. Zeigler hired Wright to build one of his then-fashionable Prairie houses. Though he built hundreds of the houses, Wright made each one unique, and the Zeigler house boasts one feature not found in any of the others: a lighted stained-glass case above a fireplace.

The Zeigler house is located at 509 Shelby Street in Frankfort, not far from the state capitol. Tours are by appointment only.

Adair County

For more information:
Lindsey Wilson College, (270) 384-8400

Producer: Vince Spoelker

Built To Inspire

John B. Begley Chapel, Lindsey Wilson College

One contemporary architect who draws inspiration from Wright is Fay Jones, who is known for his chapels. Using local materials, he designs buildings that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Inside, they are both intimate and uplifting, featuring soaring spaces and an interplay of light that seem to draw both the eye and the spirit upward.

In 1997, Jones completed a new chapel for Lindsey Wilson College in Adair County. Featuring round spaces and arched doorways, it harmonizes with the silos of the surrounding farmland. But Jones added graceful domed skylights that reach heavenward.

The chapel is named for former Lindsey Wilson President John B. Begley.

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