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Program 507

1. Clement Mineral Museum
2. wheelchair athlete Terri Cecil-Ramsey
3. William Jones’ private stagecoach
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Crittenden County

For more information:
Ben E. Clement Mineral Museum, 205 N. Walker St., Marion, KY 42064, (423) 965-4263 or (877) 965-4263

Producer: Gale Worth

The Joy of Rocks

Clement Mineral Museum

Kentucky is famous for producing one particular rock: coal. But the underground world beneath the Bluegrass State also holds a wide variety of other rocks and minerals. At the Clement Mineral Museum in Marion, you’ll find a wealth of information on coal (Crittenden County is part of Western Kentucky’s coal field), plus an extensive display of other unusual and beautiful crystals, gathered over the years from commercial quarrying and mining operations.

Kentucky Life paid another visit to the Clement Museum in 2006, this time focusing on the mining of fluorspar, a mineral used in everything from steel making to atomic weapons. That tour is in Program 1317.

Jefferson County

Producer: Donna Ross

An Athlete on Wheels

Terri Cecil-Ramsey

As a teenager, Louisville’s Terri Cecil-Ramsey was in a car accident that left her paralyzed and unable to walk. Since she couldn’t continue the athletic pursuits she had already been enjoying, she simply took up new ones. In 1996, she competed in the Paralympics, a series of competitions for athletes with disabilities held in conjunction with the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, as a part of the U.S. fencing team.

When not in the gym training, the former Ms. Wheelchair America is also a much-in-demand motivational speaker.

The U.S. wheelchair fencing team trains at the Louisville Fencing Center. Kentucky Life spotlighted the center itself in Program 1016.

Nelson County

For more information:
• Around the Town Carriage, 223 N. 3rd St., Bardstown, KY 40004, (502) 348-0331

Jonesie’s Coach

William Jones’ private stagecoach

There are faster ways of getting from Bardstown to Hodgenville than riding along with William Everett “Jonesie” Jones, but no more interesting ones. Jones has built a historically accurate replica of a 19th-century stagecoach. Pulled along by two draft horses, his passengers have plenty of time to enjoy the view along northcentral Kentucky’s rural back roads. Be careful, though; that view has been known to include another 19th-century holdover: the occasional rogue outlaw.

Within Bardstown, Jones operates Around the Town Carriage, which offers narrated horse-drawn carriage tours of the historic Nelson County seat.

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