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Program 510

1. camping with the Bengals
2. reenacting a slave wedding
3. roaming with the buffalo
3. picking and grinning in Muhlenberg
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Scott County

For more information:
Cincinnati Bengals, One Bengals Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45204, (513) 621-3550

Producer: Donna Ross
Videographer: Darrin Carr
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Cincinnati Bengals training camp

Each summer, Georgetown and Scott County brace themselves for an invasion of migratory tigers—the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals, whose training camp is at Georgetown College, just a short trip down I-75 from their stadium on the Ohio River.

The Bengals come to this state-of-the-art facility, shared with both the college and local high school teams, to hone their football skills. And the locals have certainly made the northerners feel welcome. In this segment, players like quarterback Jeff Blake, placekicker Doug Pelfrey, and running back Ki-Jana Carter, as well as coaches and trainers, talk about the amenities and the friendly atmosphere they’ve found at their Kentucky home away from home.

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Boyle County

For more information:
• Deloris White, 3726 W. Broadway, Louisville, KY 40211, (502) 776-5715

Producer, videographer: Ernie Lee Martin
Editor: Dan Taulbee

The Big Day

slave wedding reenactment

One of the few happy events in the life of a slave was a wedding. In Danville, Deloris White organized a reenactment of a slave wedding ceremony as a tribute to the individual enslaved men and women who struggled to maintain a sense of normalcy and even joy in life under almost impossible conditions. A cast of 33 actors performs the ceremony in honor of ancestors who were a significant part of Kentucky’s history.

Fleming County

Producer, videographer: Treg Ward

Oh, Give Me a Home ...

Charles Corwin’s buffalo

The buffalo still roam in Fleming County, where Charles Corwin keeps a herd both for meat and for show. At the time of our 1998 visit, his farm was home to several hundred of the massive animals, including a two-time national champion bull.

Muhlenberg County

Producer: Donna Ross

Sweet Sounds

jamming with Muhlenberg County thumbpickers

Western Kentucky is the birthplace of the “thumbpicking” guitar style, whose most famous practitioner was Merle Travis. That tradition is honored each August with the annual International Thumbpicking Competition, but it’s also a fact of everyday life in Muhlenberg County. On the second Saturday of each month, you’ll find local musicians jamming in Drakesboro. And just about every Friday night, you can hear them at the courthouse in Greenville.

To make the sounds go down even easier, several local women continue a tradition of their own: making homemade ice cream to sell to the pickers and their fans. As the credits roll on this edition of Kentucky Life, we catch just a bit of the signature Muhlenberg sound and its sweet accompaniment.

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