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Program 513

1. astronaut Terry Wilcutt
2. ballerina Helen Starr
3. Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park
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Logan County

Producer, editor: Cheryl Beckley
Videographers: Cheryl Beckley, Elizabeth White

From Logan County to Low Earth Orbit

Astronaut Terrence Wilcutt

Plenty of people dream of rocketing into space, but Kentuckian Terry Wilcutt is one of the rare individuals who’s made that dream come true. At the time we met him, the Russellville native had flown three missions on the space shuttle and was hoping for an assignment aboard the International Space Station. (Though he didn’t get to stay on board himself, Wilcutt did participate in the final space shuttle mission to prepare the station for its first permanent crew before switching to an administrative post at NASA.)

In this profile, Wilcutt talks about his experiences on past missions, which included two visits to Russia’s Mir space station; working with his Russian colleagues; and the future of America’s space program.

Jefferson County

For more information:
Louisville Ballet, 315 E. Main St., Louisville, KY 40202, (502) 583-3150

Producer: Ira Simmons
Videographers: Gale Worth, Ira Simmons
Editor: Gary Pahler

Still on Her Toes

Ballerina Helen Starr

Louisville Ballet audiences thrilled to the artistry of prima ballerina Helen Starr for 22 years. At 58, she reluctantly put aside her toe shoes because of nagging injuries. But she had no plans to stop moving: When we visited in 1998, Helen and her husband, choreographer Alun Jones, were looking forward to a new career teaching young dancers.

Perry County

For more information:
Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park, 4441 Ky. Hwy. 1833, Buckhorn, KY 41721, (800) 325-0058

Producer, videographer, editor: Gale Worth

An Eastern Hideaway

Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park

Tucked away in the Eastern Kentucky mountains near Hazard is Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park. Both mountain scenery and water sports abound at Buckhorn, which is built around a 1,200-acre lake.

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