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Program 517

1. hand-made books by Larkspur Press
2. graphic designs by Malcolm Grear
3. Green County by horseback
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Owen County

For more information:
• Larkspur Press, 340 Sawdridge Creek W, Monterey, KY 40359, (502) 484-5390

Producer: Charlee Heaton
Videographer: Gale Worth
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Fine Editions

Larkspur Press

Even in this era of electronic communication and virtual libraries, some folks still appreciate the look and feel of a good old-fashioned book. And that’s just the kind produced by the Larkspur Press in the tiny Owen County town of Monterey.

Using hand-set type, rich papers, and craftsmanship that draws on centuries of tradition, owner Gray Zeitz turns out books meant to be treasured. Larkspur has published works by farmer/poet Wendell Berry, monk/social critic Thomas Merton—and Zeitz himself, a poet in his spare time.

Pulaski County

For more information:
Malcolm Grear Designers, 391 Eddy St., Providence, RI 02903, (401) 331-2891

Producer, videographer, editor: David Brinkley

Communication by Design

Graphic Designer Malcolm Grear

Next, explore the impact with which graphic design can communicate through a visit with Malcolm Grear. This native of Somerset now runs a design firm in Providence, RI that produces innovative logos, magnificent books, and identification systems for companies, institutions, and organizations right up to—and including—the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

Green County

For more information:
• Terrey Davis, 2040 Grab Road, Greensburg, KY 42743

Producers: Joy Flynn, Donna Ross
Videographers: Michael Brower, Joy Flynn
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Head ’em Up, Move ’em Out ...

Green County trail ride

If you ask these guys, it’s the only way to travel! For a scenic end to this episode, come along with a group of Central Kentucky friends—and some enthusiasts from points much farther—on a trail ride that’s become a much-anticipated annual event. You’ll find plenty of beautiful Green County farmland, lots of well-tended and well-mannered horses, wagons of all varieties, and, after hours on the trail, a potluck feast by the river.

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