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Program 602

1. golden retriever rescuers
2. “natural man” Bill Thomas
3. a Civil War tune
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Jefferson County

For more information:
Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs, P.O. Box 6132, Louisville, KY 40206, (812) 981-2251

Producer: Joy Flynn
Videographer: Gary Pahler
Audio: Chuck Burgess
Editor: Mike Brower

A GRRAND Group for Dogs

Golden retriever rescuers

They’re a dog’s best friends—especially if the dog is a golden retriever in need of a good home.

In Louisville, host Dave Shuffett (often seen over the years with a golden retriever of his own in tow) goes on a picnic with some of the members of GRRAND, Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption of Needy Dogs. These caring “foster parents” take in abused, neglected, or unwanted retrievers. After restoring the dog’s health and disposition and doing any training necessary, the group will find him or her a permanent home.

The club publishes a newsletter.

Hardin County

For more information:
• Bill Thomas, Oakbrook Farm, Box 59, Glendale, KY 42740, (270) 769-1823

Producer: Donna Ross
Videographer: Gale Worth
Editor: Mike Brower

Natural Man

Photographer and writer Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas looks like Ernest Hemingway, and he lives his life in the same free-spirited way. But when he shoots big game, it’s with a camera, not a gun.

Thomas has published more than 20 books himself and has probably inspired a few others from students who’ve joined him on one of his nature-photography and travel-writing safaris, held all over the world. Kentucky Life caught up with him closer to home, though, at his family homeplace in rural Hardin County.

Producer, videographer: Ernie Lee Martin
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Tuneful Ending

A song from the Civil War

You don’t hear the song “Nellie Gray” much nowadays, but it was quite a hit in the 1860s. To end this episode, a group of Civil War reenactors performs the song as it might have been heard around a campfire during the War Between the States. Rest assured that the instruments, the tune itself, and even the manufacture of the thread used in the reproduction uniforms are all as authentic as these dedicated weekend soldiers can get them.

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