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Program 605

1. Loman Trover, medical visionary
2. the Packs and their playhouse
3. Jeanine Brady, hummingbird lover
4. Carter Caves State Resort Park
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Hopkins County

For more information:
Trover Health System, 900 Hospital Drive, Madisonville, KY 42431, (800) 998-5100

Producer: Joy Flynn
Videographer: Darin Carr
Audio: Jim Slone
Editor: Otis Ballard

A Doctor and His Dream

the Trover Foundation

This episode begins with a true Kentucky visionary: Dr. Loman Trover, founder of the Trover Clinic in Madisonville.

When Trover began his practice, rural Western Kentucky was sadly lacking in medical facilities, with many families having to travel long distances to reach the nearest doctor. Today, the foundation he established operates a regional medical center, clinics in 10 other towns, and a group practice that includes more than 125 physicians. The regional center, in Madisonville, has been called “Kentucky’s Mayo Clinic”; it includes the Mahr Cancer Center, a sports medicine and rehabilitation center, a 410-bed hospital, and an Off-Campus Teaching Center for the University of Louisville. It was also the site of Kentucky’s first family practice residency program, helping to keep young medical talent in the community.

On our visit, Dr. Trover takes a few minutes off to reflect on his own life and on how the practice of medicine has changed during his years of service.

Johnson County

Producer, videographer: Ernie Lee Martin

A Child’s House of Delights

the Packs’ playhouse

In her own way, Rosa Lee Pack is a visionary, too. And her creation is a child’s dream come true: a “playhouse” that’s really more of a home of one’s own, furnished with all the amenities the big folks enjoy—but at a scale that’s right for smaller hands and bodies. Kentucky Life visited Rosa in Paintsville for a tour and for the story of how she and her husband, a pair of indulgent grandparents if ever there was one, designed and constructed the cozy cottage.

Marion County

Producer, videographer, editor: Gale Worth

Jewels on the Wing

hummingbird lover Jeanine Brady

A hummingbird’s lot is not an easy one. The life of the tiny dynamos is basically a constant search for fuel to keep the engine running. Hovering by keeping their wings beating faster than the human eye can follow, they seek out that fuel in the nectar of flowers. But if the flowers have been grown with chemical pesticides, the nectar may actually do more harm than good.

Fortunately for the hummingbirds of Marion County, there’s Jeanine Brady. For years now, she’s been building feeders to attract hummers, using the same enticements nature builds into flowers: bright colors and sweet flavors. As a result, her backyard in St. Joe is a frequent stop for the birds, whose own bright colors turn it into something of a garden on the wing.

Carter County

For more information:
Carter Caves State Resort Park, 344 Caveland Drive, Olive Hill, KY 41164-9032, (800) 325-0059

Producer, videographer: Gale Worth
Audio: Gary Mosley
Editor: Dan Taulbee

To the Bat Cave!

Carter Caves

OK, it’s not the primary focus of this segment, but it is in the vicinity: The Bat Cave in question is on the grounds of Carter Caves State Resort Park in northeastern Kentucky. Though the cave country to the south and west is better known, Carter County and environs also boast miles of limestone caverns. More than 20 separate cave systems, some not yet fully charted, are known to have their entrances within the park. The wooded hills also make the area a hiker’s delight, even if you never venture below.

The park is located 30 miles west of Ashland; take I-64 west from Ashland to KY 182 N. Our visit took place in the mid-1990s and first aired in the series premiere, Kentucky Life Program 101.

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