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Program 621

1. Tec-Fab’s metal steeples
2. Joe Downing’s artistic homecoming
3. Jean Daniels’ miniature horses
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Taylor County

Producer: Dave Shuffett
Videographers: George Murphy, Dave Shuffett
Audio: Doug Collins
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Reaching for the Heavens

Making steeples at Tec-Fab

What’s a church without a soaring steeple? Thanks to the products manufactured by Tec-Fab Inc. of Campbellsville, congregations could top their houses of worship with appropriately heaven-pointed spires without also finding their maintenance costs soaring. The company was one of a handful in the country that made metal steeples (aluminum, in this case), which are both lighter and more durable than the traditional wooden variety.

Tec-Fab got its start in the early 1980s, and within 20 years its products had been placed in all 50 states and every Canadian province. And you won’t find them just on churches. Tec-Fab also made bell towers, cupolas, and other architectural adornments.

Host Dave Shuffett sees the whole process, from blueprints to shipping, as he tours the factory with company President Kay Henderson in this 1999 visit. The Tec-Fab plant closed in late 2008.

Warren County

Producer: Marsha Hellard
Videographer: Gale Worth

Back Home Again

Artist Joe Downing

Joe Downing grew up in Southcentral Kentucky. But like many an artistic soul before him, he eventually felt the pull of Europe and headed across the Atlantic to seek fame, if not fortune. He has lived and worked in France for most of his career, and the fame has come: He is now internationally known and respected for his colorful multimedia creations.

In late 1999, Downing circled back home for an exhibition of his work in Bowling Green—and to receive the Governor’s Award in the Arts. In this Kentucky Life profile, he gives a personal tour of some of his own work and talks about his artistic influences and inspirations.

Metcalfe County

For more information:
• Forest Farm, 8080 Subtle Road, Edmonton, KY 42129, (270) 432-5836

Producer, videographer, editor: Gale Worth

Downsized Equines

Forest Farm’s miniature horses

Jean Daniels’ “products” are also pretty low-maintenance compared to the traditional variety: She and Larry Martin raise miniature horses at Forest Farm in rural Metcalfe County. Their advantages, she says, include the fact that “they eat a lot less.”

Mostly, though, visitors just think they’re adorable and marvel at their size: They may be only waist-high when fully grown. But these petite equines are genuine horses, not ponies—smaller cousins of the thoroughbreds for which Kentucky is famous.

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