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Program 707

1. sculptor Robert Lockhart
2. basketmaker Jan Treesh
3. outhouse treasures
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Jefferson County

For more information:
Bob Lockhart, 222 Stilz Ave., Louisville, KY 40206, (502) 897-9680

Producer, editor: Gary Pahler
Videographer: Mike Blackburn

Heart of Bronze

Sculptor Bob Lockhart

Meet a Louisville artist whose philosophy and creativity have given birth to works of great beauty and even humor. Robert Lockhart, chair of the art department at Bellarmine College, is renowned for his work in bronze, which ranges from religious subjects to playful animal figures. (One Lockhart chameleon, for instance, has found a home among flesh-and-blood relatives at the Louisville Zoo’s Herpequarium.) In this visit, discover the philosophy that motivates Bob and accompany him to class, where he passes on his knowledge to a new generation of artists.

Daviess County

For more information:
Bountiful Baskets by Jan

Producer, videographer, editor: Cheryl Beckley

Baskets Abounding

Basketmaker Jan Treesh

Next, we visit a business established by a busy homemaker with plenty of creativity. Jan Treesh of Owensboro found basketmaking a craft she could master while still tending to her growing family. As demand grew for such delectable Treesh creations as the “chocolate kiss basket,” her interest expanded to acquiring and selling the materials so that others, too, could make their own “bountiful baskets.”

Green County

For more information:
Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors

Producer: Dave Shuffett
Videographers: Gary Pahler, Aaron Hutchings, Dave Shuffett
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Privy to History

An outhouse treasure hunt

Finally, host Dave Shuffett joins in a hunt for buried treasure in what would seem to be a most unlikely location: a privy.

Apart from its more traditional uses, the backyard outhouse in days of yore was a place to discard many unwanted items, such as bottles and other household goods. Archaeologists both amateur and professional find such trash piles a valuable source of insights into what daily life was really like in bygone eras. And sometimes the value is monetary: Antique glass, especially intact bottles, is highly sought after by dedicated collectors.

In this segment, Dave travels to his hometown of Greensburg with Peter Guetig and friends from the Kentuckiana Antique Bottle and Outhouse Society to see what treasures they can unearth.

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