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Program 719

1. wood carver Bruce Smith
2. musical prodigy Kelsey Tamayo
3. Mitch Gibbs and his revolving aquarium
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Kenton County

Producer, videographer, audio, editor: Gale Worth

The Faces in the Wood

Carver Bruce Smith

With one look at the caricatures Bruce Smith carves out of wood, you can tell that he has a special talent. But this Northern Kentucky man says that anyone can learn to carve, whether it’s to express artistic impulses or just to relax and relieve stress. (He himself took up the hobby seriously during his son’s long illness.) In fact, as president of the River Valley Woodcarvers, he’s active in encouraging others to get started.

This profile includes a visit with Smith at his home in Villa Hills and, of course, close-up looks at some of his creations. The greatest reward of carving, says Smith, is the delight on people’s faces when they see the finished products.

Hardin County

Producer, videographer, editor: Gale Worth

Little Girl, Big Talent

Musician Kelsey Tamayo

Another special talent is on display in our next segment, and this one is one to keep an eye on. Kelsey Tamayo, just 11 at the time we visited in March 2001, is already an award-winning musician and the holder of several copyrights for original piano compositions. When not attending elementary school in Elizabethtown or taking part in national competitions, she’s a member of the Louisville Youth Orchestra.

Kelsey plays more than 20 instruments, but the piano is her favorite. In this profile, you’ll hear her play several instruments and meet parents B.J. and Frederico. Kelsey says that she got her musical talent from them, and that their support is a big factor in her young success. Of course, this mom and dad did have it a little easier than some when it came to developing their daughter’s talent: Kelsey also says she just loves to practice.

Since our visit, Kelsey graduated from high school and went on to Johns Hopkins University, where she played percussion in the Peabody Institute Wind Ensemble.

Warren County

For more information:
• Aquatatic Revolution, (270) 782-6044

Producer: Barbara Deeb
Videographer: David Brinkley
Editor: Justin Hardison

Making a Splash

Mitch Gibbs’s revolving aquarium

Mitch Gibbs’ talents, it seems, run to inventing. This Bowling Green pet store owner has patented a revolving aquarium that’s both functional and beautiful.

The cylindrical container was designed to house coral and other creatures in an environment that more closely mirrors the shallow-water conditions in which they live naturally. By rotating, Gibbs’ invention simulates the cleansing action of waves and constantly shifts the direction of the light reaching the life inside. The combination does seem to feel more home-like to the delicate corals, helping them to build their structures in more natural configurations and to keep their color better.

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