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Program 811

1. the Cumberland Inn Museum
2. Scott James and his musical family
3. quilt artist Jan Darnell
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Whitley County

For more information:
Cumberland Inn and Museum, 649 S. 10th St., Williamsburg, KY 40769, (606) 539-3100

Producer: Dave Shuffett
Videographers: Dave Shuffett, Ernie Lee Martin
Editor: Dan Taulbee

A Collection of Collections

The Cumberland Inn Museum

At the Cumberland Inn Museum in Williamsburg, the selection of objects on exhibit ranges from stamps and coins to arrowheads to mounted specimens of wild animals. In a way, it’s a throwback to the Victorian “cabinet of curiosities” era, with its permanent collection reflecting the particular passions of local collectors who have passed along their treasures.

One of them, the Rev. Robert Williams of Louisville, spent 30 years gathering examples of crosses while studying and preaching on the origins of the cross and its importance to Christianity. He collected more than 7,000 crosses, then donated the entire collection to the Whitley County museum in the name of his son Carl, a graduate of Cumberland College (now the University of the Cumberlands). The Carl Williams Collection is the largest assemblage of crosses and crucifixes in America.

Other delights at the Cumberland Inn Museum include the animals, from a shrew to a polar bear, which were obtained by Henry and Mary Henkelmann as they traveled around the world. Each is mounted in an exhibit representing its natural habitat. There’s also a large collection of nutcrackers—part of a year-round Christmas exhibit.

The Cumberland Inn Museum is housed within the Cumberland Inn, a hotel and meeting facility owned and operated by the university and staffed largely by students.

Grant County

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographer: Michael Follmer
Audio: Doug Collins
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Hand-Made Music

The James family

Next, we visit a family from Corinth—the one in Grant County, that is—who have made music a family affair. Various members of the James family perform regularly as the Country Boys, and their bluegrass, country, and gospel music enlivens church gatherings, pig roasts, and festivals far and wide.

When you watch them play, pay particular attention to the fiddler, Scott James. This young member of the family is truly a “maker” of music: He crafts his violins, as well as other stringed instruments, by hand.

Jefferson County

Producer: Connie Offutt
Videographer, editor: Mike Blackburn

The Art of the Needle

Quilter Jan Darnell

Quilting started out as a practical necessity, but it came to be recognized as an art form, too, reflecting the tastes, interests, and even family history of the quilter. Jan Darnell of Louisville is one of the modern quilters who are taking this evolution one step further: artists who have chosen fabric and thread as their medium.

She started out making traditionally patterned and sized quilts. But Jan’s specialty now is smaller wall hangings that play with subtle color shadings and abstract designs. During this visit to her studio, she shows some of her techniques, which include both hand and machine work, and talks about her inspirations.

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