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Program 812

1. Strickler’s Stained Glass
2. artist Erika Kaiser
3. Kentucky Down Under
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Logan County

For more information:
• Strickler’s Stained Glass, 609 Carter Rd., Auburn, KY 42206, (270) 542-7307

Producer: Barbara Deeb
Videographer: David Brinkley

The Art of Inspiration

Strickler’s Stained Glass

Strickler’s Stained Glass, located in the Logan County community of Auburn, is a small studio that carries on the centuries-old traditions of this art form, both in techniques and in subject matter. Though work by the Strickler’s artists can be found in various secular locations around the area—such as the entranceway to the region’s well-known regional theater company, Kentucky Repertory Theatre at Horse Cave—much of it is created for churches. Thus the inspiration that guided the artist can in turn inspire the faithful.

This visit includes both a look at the craftsmanship that goes into Strickler’s creations and a tour of some finished works in the churches where they were installed.

Franklin County

For more information:
• Erika Kaiser, 516 Wapping, Frankfort, KY 40601

Producer, videographer: Dave Shuffett

Erika’s Art

Painter Erika Kaiser

Our next artist finds inspiration in the rolling Kentucky hills around her. A native of Vienna, Austria, Erika Kaiser came to America to study art education at Ohio State University. While exploring the surrounding area, she fell in love with the landscapes of the Bluegrass region and decided to make it her new home. She now lives and works in Frankfort.

Erika’s work is designated as “neo-primitive” (though she does have formal art training, having studied at the University of Applied Art in Vienna at 14). Intensely colored and often depicting rural scenes, her paintings have a deliberately dreamlike quality, which the artist says reflects the dreamlike state she finds herself in while working.

Host Dave Shuffett gets a tour of Erika’s home studio in this profile.

Hart County

For more information:
Kentucky Down Under, 3700 L&N Turnpike Road, P.O. Box 189, Horse Cave, KY 42749-0189, (270) 786-2634, (800) 762-2869

Producer: Valerie Trimble
Videographer: Michael Follmer
Audio: Anne Deck
Editor: Wesley Jay Akers

Caves and Kangaroos

Kentucky Down Under

Bill Austin’s family has owned Kentucky Caverns in Hart County (formerly known as Mammoth Onyx Cave) since the 1920s. His wife, Judy, grew up on a sheep ranch in Australia. Together, they run a unique private park where you can go “down under” the ground to see stalagmites and stalactites—or stay up top and visit with the animals and culture of the Land Down Under.

The above-ground attractions at Kentucky Caverns/Kentucky Down Under include the colorful birds called lories, kangaroos, and the chance to try throwing a boomerang. Under the ground, a 45-minute walking tour showcases formations like massive columns and draperies and “cave coral.” Before heading out for a real visit, take a virtual tour via the Kentucky Down Under web site, which includes background information on cave formation and ecology and teacher’s guides to both the aboveground and underground activities.

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