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Program 813

1. Larkspur Press
2. GO Women
3. sculptor Wyatt Gragg
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Owen County

For more information:
• Larkspur Press, 340 Sawdridge, Monterey, KY 40359, (502) 484-5390

Producer: Charlee Heaton Pagoulatos
Videographer: Gale Worth
Editor: Dan Taulbee

Fine Editions

Larkspur Press

Even in this era of electronic communication and virtual libraries, some folks still appreciate the look and feel of a good old-fashioned book. And that’s just the kind produced by the Larkspur Press in the tiny Owen County town of Monterey.

Using hand-set type, rich papers, and craftsmanship that draws on centuries of tradition, owner Gray Zeitz turns out books meant to be treasured. Larkspur has published works by farmer/poet Wendell Berry, novelist Bobbie Ann Mason, monk/social critic Thomas Merton—and Zeitz himself, a poet in his spare time.

Zeitz and fans of the fine work he produces celebrated Larkspur’s 25th anniversary in 1998. This visit, produced in December of that year, previously aired as part of Program 517.

Clark County

Producer, editor: Joy Flynn
Videographer: Michael Follmer
Audio: Anne Deck

You GO, Girl!

GO Women

Frances Figart of Winchester is a successful professional woman who has owned her own communications magazine and edited a national travel magazine. But when we met her in 2001, she was devoting much of her time to helping other women find and keep careers of their own. Through a nonprofit organization she incorporated called GO Women (Greater Opportunities for Women), low-income women in Central and Eastern Kentucky could get help with overcoming whatever obstacles were keeping them from a career, whether it was a lack of professional attire or a crisis of self-confidence.

GO Women participants attended a ten-week course of workshops on everything from relaxation techniques to basic workplace skills. Community volunteers supported their efforts by providing transportation to the Winchester workshop site, child care, and even meals. And volunteer mentors offered encouragement, practical advice, and often the chance to see a potential job firsthand by shadowing the mentor for a day—or longer.

The goal was not always an office job, of course. In addition to a veterinary technician and an accountant, the success stories for GO Women included a musician and a quilt artist. That’s in keeping with the ultimate goals of the program: to help each woman better understand herself, find a fulfilling career that fits her own natural abilities, and control her own life.

Jefferson County

For more information:
Wyatt L. Gragg, 10201 Worthington Lane, Prospect, KY 40059, (502) 426-7244

Producer: Connie Offutt

Wyatt Art

Sculptor Wyatt Gragg

Wyatt Gragg of Louisville actually has had two careers. An artist by inclination, he took a “day job” for some years to make a living, then returned to his real passion. Now he’s making a name for himself as a sculptor who captures real-life moments in bronze.

Gragg, a cousin of animation pioneer Tex Avery, says that his aim is not polished perfection, but rather a sort of gritty realism. Though they may look a little rough-hewn, his figures convey motion and energy. Their texture invites touch, drawing the viewer into the story being told by the piece.

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