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Program 823

1. equine artist Salina Ramsay
2. sculptor/schoolteacher Jason Kelty
3. coin silver in Georgetown
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Fayette County

For more information:
Salina Ramsay Equine Fine Art, 401 West Main St., Lexington, KY 40507, (859) 388-9466, (877) 778-9299

Producer, editor: Joy Flynn
Videographers: Brandon Wickey, Dave Shuffett

Art I: Horsing Around

Painter Salina Ramsey

Salina Ramsay says that a ride on her cousin’s pony at the age of 5 pretty much determined the course of her life. Though she wasn’t yet set on what she would be when she grew up, she knew it would have something to do with horses.

A Californian by birth who grew up in North Carolina, Salina now makes her home in Lexington, the heart of horse country, and has made a career—and a national reputation—as an equine artist, combining that lifelong fascination with horses with the drawing and painting talent she discovered in elementary school. On this visit, she shows us around her downtown studio and demonstrates something of her technique. To capture the feeling of horses in motion, she starts with lots of drawings, reworking in pencil many times before any paint touches the canvas. The finished work may be in oils or watercolors, depending on the subject matter and mood.

Bullitt County

For more information:
• Jason Kelty, Mount Washington Elementary School, 9234 Highway 44 East, Mount Washington, KY 40229, (502) 955-7808

Producer, editor: Jennifer Belcher
Videographers: David Brinkley, Jennifer Belcher

Art II: Playing Around

Sculptor and teacher Jason Kelty

Jason Kelty would love to inspire some future Salina Ramsays. As the art teacher at Mount Washington Elementary School in Bullitt County, he delights in blurring the line between play and art, pulling his students into the world of art by way of fun, exciting projects.

In this profile, he puts that philosophy to work by enlisting kids to help create a sculpture for the grounds of the school—a creative “assignment” that’s also a gift to the community from its children. Jason is a sculptor himself, carving out works of art from large rocks, and this segment also includes a look at some of his own work.

Scott County

For more information:
Georgetown-Scott County Museum, 229 East Main St., Georgetown, KY 40324, (502) 863-6201

Producer: Dave Shuffett
Videographer: Michael Follmer
Editor: Jim Piston

Putting Their Money to Work

Coin silver in Georgetown

Today’s coin collectors may blanch at the thought, but if you were living on the Kentucky frontier shortly after the Revolutionary War, silver coins from Europe were mostly a nuisance: a bulky commodity with no real practical utility. To meet the pioneers’ limited needs for hard currency, some coins were cut into pieces for local trading. But once a new United States currency was established, many of the old coins were melted down in order to make more useful items, from ladles and chalices to forks.

Host Dave Shuffett gets a look at some of this “coin silver” on a visit to the Georgetown-Scott County Museum. 19th-century Central Kentucky silversmiths crafted many necessities of life from melted-down money as a matter of practicality, since those were the materials at hand. But today these objects have themselves become valuable antiques.

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