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Program 909

Along Highway 62 (Part 4)
1. Eddyville and Kuttawa
2. artist relocation in Paducah
3. paint horses
4. Wickliffe
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Along Highway 62 | Maysville-Versailles | Lawrenceburg-Clarkson | Rosine-Princeton | Eddyville-Wickliffe

Lyon County

For more information:
• Bill Cunningham, 629 E. Dogwood Dr., Kuttawa, KY 42055-6235, (270) 388-9053

Eddyville and Kuttawa

In Lyon County, we pause to consider some things that aren’t there anymore.

Dave visits the town of Eddyville—which has the distinction of having been the county seat of three different counties as Western Kentucky was divided up over the years—and learns that the present town is actually not on the original site. When plans were being made to dam the Cumberland River in the 1950s, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began buying up land in Eddyville and the nearby town of Kuttawa and relocating homes and businesses that were destined to be covered by the new Lake Barkley. The Kentucky State Penitentiary, which dates to 1888, and an old cemetery are almost all that remains of the original towns. Circuit Judge Bill Cunningham shows us around and recalls Old Eddyville and Kuttawa.

McCracken County

For more information:
Paducah Artist Relocation Program, P.O. Box 2267, Paducah, KY 42002-2267, (270) 444-8690

Artist Relocation in Paducah

Relocation is also the theme of the next segment. The Paducah Artist Relocation Program aims to revitalize a declining urban neighborhood by turning it into an arts colony. The program provides low-interest loans and other support for participating artists and businesses, and the success of the idea so far has attracted nationwide attention.

In addition to Mark Barone, who works for the relocation project, Dave talks with participating artists Charlotte Irwin, Freda Fairchild, William Renzulli, and Nathan Brown on this visit. For a profile of another artist who has participated in the program—which enabled her to return to her hometown to pursue her passion for photography—see Kentucky Life’s visit with Beverly Hayden in Program 1416.

Carlisle County

For more information:
• Bob Petrie, (270) 642-2360

Paint Horses

No tour of Kentucky would be complete without some horses. This time around, we find ours in Carlisle County, on the farm of Bob and Laura Petrie. Former breeders of quarter horses, they now concentrate on paint horses, which are rapidly growing in popularity. They explain that paints are bred from quarter horses, thoroughbreds, and other paints—but that mating two paints doesn’t always guarantee a paint foal.

Ballard County

For more information:
• Evelyn Zolotareff, 325 Tennessee St., Wickliffe, KY 42087


Our road ends on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. Before wrapping things up with a view of the river from Ballard County, Dave stops at the home of Evelyn Zolotareff in Wickliffe. Now in her 80s, Evelyn was the daughter of a Wickliffe lawyer who left her small town (there were about 10 students in her high school class, she recalls) to teach school in West Virginia. There her students included a young Don Knotts. Later she moved to Chicago, where she also became a producer of instructional films. But now she’s back home, and she shows Dave some examples of her latest career: fine hand-hooked rugs for which she has won national recognition.

Along Highway 62 | Maysville-Versailles | Lawrenceburg-Clarkson | Rosine-Princeton | Eddyville-Wickliffe

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