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About Kentucky Life

Celebrating the heritage of the Commonwealth through profiles of people, their places, and their ideas

In 1995, KET set out to document Kentucky’s great diversity with Kentucky Life, a magazine program featuring profiles of people, places, and ideas. While individual stories focus on local communities, the Kentucky Life crew strives to connect each one to the state at large—to help Kentuckians celebrate their unique regional characters and cultures while bringing them closer together through stories of the rich heritage we all share.

To accomplish that rather tall order, the Kentucky Life programs

  • are story-based rather than event-driven.
  • profile people from each of Kentucky’s distinct regions.
  • highlight Kentucky’s history, geographic diversity, and natural beauty.
  • showcase the wide variety of artistic expression of Kentucky’s talented citizens.

The formula appears to be working: By the time the second season debuted in May 1996, Kentucky Life had become KET’s most watched local production. That is still true more than 10 years later, and the expanded Kentucky Life specials produced for KET on-air pledge drives have been among our most popular offerings. Through their calls, pledges, and comments, KET viewers have consistently let us know that they value Kentucky Life.

The first five seasons of Kentucky Life were hosted by Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Byron Crawford. Outdoorsman and TV veteran Dave Shuffett, former host of Kentucky Afield, rejoined KET to host Kentucky Life at the start of Season 6, which premiered in January 2000. Doug Flynn, former Major League Baseball player and current Cincinnati Reds broadcaster, kicks off the 21st season as the new host beginning November 2015.



Kentucky Life is a production of KET, Kentucky’s statewide public television network. Most of the segments seen on the series are produced by members of KET’s in-house production staff. But others have been contributed by independent producers and other partners around the state, whom we thank for their help.

  • Producers/directors: Joy Flynn (1995-2008); Brandon Wickey (2008-)
  • Hosts: Byron Crawford (1995-1999); Dave Shuffett (1999-2015)
  • Executive producers: Mike Brower, Craig Cornwell
  • Writers/associate producers: Ellen Ballard, Marsha Cooper Hellard, Carolyn Gwinn, Valerie Trimble
  • Computer animation/graphics: Carl Coakley
  • Still photographers: David Crawford, Steve Shaffer
  • Web site: Designer: Mike Ginter; Illustrations: John Dawahare

See the descriptions of individual programs for the names of the many talented segment producers, videographers, audio technicians, and editors who have contributed to Kentucky Life.

And finally, our thanks to the hundreds of individual Kentuckians and Kentucky organizations who have let us share their stories.

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