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Programs by Topic
Adair, Beegie, jazz pianist Program 1422  
Angel Voices (vocal ensemble) Program 1024  
Ars Nova (vocal ensemble) Program 1024  
Bartley, Angela, bugler Program 1403  
Berea College carillon Program 711  
Bolotin, Jay, and his mechanical opera Limbus Program 723
Brown, Marty Program 2102
Burger, Blakeley and the Hollow Bodies Program 2001
Carwile, Daniel and Amy Program 1428
Caudill, Kory Program 2214
Cissell, Joe, old-time guitar Program 1203
Civil War song Program 602  
Cleavinger, Skip, bagpiper Program 1415  
Coffey, Don (hammered dulcimer) Program 613  
Coldiron, Blanche, banjoist Program 313  
Coralee and the Townies Program 1812
Cornett, "Banjo Bill" Program 1706
Crowe, J.D. (bluegrass) Program 911  
Danville Presbyterian Church pipe organ Program 619  
Davis, Skeeter (country) Program 1404  
Dickinson, Melvin, Louisville Bach Society Program 1009  
Dirt Daubers, concert at Maiden Alley Cinema, Paducah Program 1818
Earle, Diane, piano Program 1508
England, Bryan, luthier (mandolin and guitar) Program 2113
Fabulous Leopard Percussionists Program 904  
fiddlers at the Mountain Music Gatherin’ Program 1414  
Fraley, J.P. and Annadeene (traditional) Program 1417  
Freedom Singers (songs of the civil rights movement) Program 103  
Gillespie, Haven Program 2212
Gilley, Paul, songwriter Program 1810
Hall, Tom T. (country) Program 505  
Hamblin family (traditional Appalachian) Program 426  
Han Kuo-Huang and the University of Kentucky Chinese Orchestra Program 1513
Harlan, Billy Program 1811
Harmonics (nostalgia) Program 720  
Harrod, John, old-style fiddler Program 910
Heartland Dulcimer Club Program 1218  
Program 1327  
James, Scott, instrument maker and country musician Program 811  
Jazz Week participants at the University of Louisville Program 107  
Juggernaut Jug Band Program 1108  
Junkman Program 1117
Kendrick, Neil luthier (guitars) Program 2116
Kentuckians Chorus Program 1020  
Kentucky Music Educators All-State Choruses Program 701  
Program 720  
Kentucky Sassafras bluegrass band Program 1311
Ledford, Homer (folk/bluegrass) Program 509
Loeser, John, harmonica Program 908
Lott, Chet Program 1620
Lynn, Loretta (country) Program 1502
Maiden Alley Cinema, Paducah, Music@MAC concert Program 1818
Marching band rivals, Lafayette and Dunbar high schools, Lexington Program 1715
Martin, Sara, blues singer Program 1105  
McKenzie, Karen, bagpiper Program 801
Miles, Eddie, Elvis tribute artist Program 901  
Mingo Spirit Singers (Native American) Program 601  
Monroe, Bill, Father of Bluegrass Program 611  
Program 909  
mountain music traditions Program 207  
Natcher Elementary strings program Program 1205  
Neat, Frank, banjo maker Program 2111
Orin, Aaron, pianist and composer Program 107  
piano history Program 1508
Pickens, Harry, pianist Program 1611
Raganas, Kayla, “Phili-billy” country singer Program 1304  
Richardson, Arnold (Tsa’ Ne’ Dos’e), Native American flutist Program 806  
River City (Parkland) Drum Corp Program 110  
Program 1114
Rivera, Jose, vocalist and guitarist Program 1431  
Rockcastle County student musicians Program 114  
St. Paul Roman Catholic Church Music Ensemble, Florence Program 1709
shape note singing Program 1319  
Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Choir (Christmas carols) Program 413  
Skaggs, Ricky (bluegrass) Program 501  
Smith, Roger, singer/songwriter Program 1121
Solid Rock'it Boosters, concert at Maiden Alley Cinema, Paducah Program 1818
Tamayo, Kelsey, piano prodigy Program 719  
Tee Dee's Blues Club Program 2111
thumbpickers’ jam sessions Program 510
Program 519  
Tin Can Buddha Program 1806
Tomlinson, Deanna, harpist Program 1317  
Tuggle, Debbie (acoustic) Program 703  
Turay, Gregory, opera singer Program 207  
Union Tree Program 207  
Vance, Margaret, harpist Program 1121
Waldon, Kelsey Program 2213
Weaver, Sylvester, blues guitarist Program 1105  
Wheelhouse Rousters, concert at Maiden Alley Cinema, Paducah Program 1818
Whipps, the Program 1904
Willis, Shon, drum prodigy Program 404  
Wise Village Pickers Program 616  
Wolf, Warren, tenor Program 925  
Yoakam, Dwight, country singer-songwriter Program 1308  
Young, Jordan Leigh, country singer-banjo player Program 1423

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