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Programs by Topic
(R)=repeated segment
American chestnut tree Program 1318  
Air Plants (tillandsias) Program 2003
daylilies, Finchville Daylily Gardens Program 1603  
desert plants Program 1701  
heirloom beans Program 1815
heirloom tomatoes Program 1428
hemlock trees Program 1512
hydroponically grown strawberries Program 710  
invasive plants Program 1614
kudzu Program 519  
Pawpaws Program 1805
peonies at Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate Program 1516
Short’s goldenrod Program 1411  
sorghum Program 417  
Program 1403  
sunflower farm Program 418  
wildflowers at John James Audubon State Park Program 2015
wildflowers at Mammoth Cave Program 417  
wildflowers on Black Mountain Program 1315  

Most past episodes of Kentucky Life are available on DVD from KET. Call (800) 945-9167 or e-mail .

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