Bellevue, Chandler’s, Susan & George Miller, and more!

2/22/15 9:00 AM

The scenic river town of Bellevue, in Campbell County, is Our Town; Today’s Special comes from Chandler’s in Maysville; at their Lincoln County home, Susan and George Miller grow produce to sell at farmers’ market and local restaurants; in Morehead, St. Claire Regional Medical Center provides care to more than a half-million patients each year; and St. Clare Regional’s Sister Jeanne Francis Cleves is honored for her lifetime of dedicated nursing.

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Our Town: Bellvue
Located on the banks of the Ohio River in Campbell County, Bellevue was founded in 1870, on land originally granted to General James Taylor, who fought in the War of 1812.

“We are a little bit higher from a standpoint of the river. So we don’t have a flood wall much like our neighbors have. We have open access to the views,” said Jody Robinson, assistant city administrator.

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Chandler’s on Market
In Maysville, Chandler’s on Market serves up crowd-pleasing meals in a historic downtown setting.

“I started this restaurant in 2006,” says William “Chan” Warner, owner of Chandler’s on Market. “When I was getting close to retirement, I decided I wanted to open a restaurant. I ended up buying this building from McGee’s Bakery and I named it Chandler’s after myself.”

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The Millers’ Farm
Susan Miller and her husband, George, both came from farming families. Together, they started growing vegetables at their home in Stanford Kentucky, at first just for their own kitchen. But over time, their backyard operation grew to a thriving farm stand and a spot at the Lincoln County Farmers’ Market.

“When I get out and work, I’ll change clothes and come out and I’ll stay out from probably 4:30 until it’s dark,” says Susan. “On weekends, it’s eight to 10 hours. You have to enjoy it in order to do it. You’ve got to work hard in order to be successful and that’s part of the way that I was brought up.”

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