Mustang Makeover and Bluegrass in Japan

By Leslie Potter | 4/28/19 9:00 AM

People throughout the nation are training thousands of wild mustangs and showing off their skills to help find homes for these beautiful horses; and take a trip to Tokyo to meet with some of bluegrass music’s biggest fans.


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Extreme Mustang Makeover

The Bureau of Land Management is tasked with managing the population of wild horses and burros living on public lands. Approximately 40,000 equines that have been rounded up by the BLM are kept in holding corrals.

“The focus and the mission of the Mustang Heritage Foundation has been to increase the adoption and awareness of wild horses and burros being held in BLM off-range corrals,” says Kali Sublett, executive director of the Mustang Heritage Foundation. “The idea of some sort of training program to get these wild horses trained before adoption – it would be a little easier to get them into a home, assimilate into their barn and be usable. That’s really where Extreme Mustang Makeover came from.”

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Bluegrass in Japan

Bluegrass music has traveled far from its homeland in Appalachia and its founder, Kentuckian Bill Monroe. It has found footholds of enthusiastic fans around the globe, including in Japan.

“In 1961 when I was in first [year] of university, I heard the FEN – Far East Network – an American Army program on the radio,” says Michio Higashi, a Japanese bluegrass musician. “Me and my friend heard the country music hour ever day, and then we’d pick up one or two bluegrass tunes.”

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