Sustainable Fish Farming, Doug’s Golden Retrievers, and More!

By Leslie Potter | 11/06/17 10:00 AM

Kentucky State University leads the way in sustainable fish farming, meet Doug’s golden retrievers and Versailles’ well-known trainer Kim Littlefield, Murray State grad Sue Darnell Ellis is a teacher and grandmother with a galactic mission, and The Seafood Lady serves up Florida-style seafood in the heart of Louisville.

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Aquaculture at Kentucky State University
One of the biggest challenges in modern food science is increasing production sustainably for a growing population. Kentucky State University’s aquaculture program is at the forefront of this effort.
Continue reading about KSU’s Aquaculture program and watch the video.

Littlefield Dog Training
It’s a big Kentucky Life moment as Buddy and Jackson, host Doug Flynn’s golden retrievers, make their on-screen debut. Doug, his wife Olga, and their two canine family members met with Kim Littlefield of Littlefield Dog Training in Versailles.
Read more about Littlefield Dog Training and watch the video.

Sue Darnell Ellis
In 1984, President Ronald Reagan announced NASA’s Teacher in Space Project, a program designed to honor teachers and inspire students to take a deeper interest in math, science, and technology. Paducah schoolteacher Sue Darnell Ellis was selected to be the Kentucky ambassador to the project.
Learn more about Sue Darnell Ellis and watch the video.

The Seafood Lady
Before she became The Seafood Lady of Louisville, Nichelle Thurston was just a Florida transplant with a hankering for some Cajun-style seafood.

“I’d been here for five years or more, and I realized that I couldn’t find the type of food that we eat on the Gulf Coast,” says Thurston. “I ate at numerous places that people recommended, but it just didn’t do it for me—It didn’t have that edge of what I was looking for.
Read more about The Seafood Lady and watch the video.