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Making a Difference: A Healthy Commonwealth

“We’re all in this together, Kentucky”

That’s been one of the central messages throughout the COVID-19 epidemic. And it’s a vital one, says Dr. Brent Wright, president of the Kentucky Medical Association, because it asks that people look beyond themselves to gain perspective on what their fellow Kentuckians are facing.

Dr. Brent Wright

“There are a lot of challenges because the world has changed,î Wright says. ìAnd every person, family, school and business will be making important decisions going forward in how they interact in this post-COVID world.”

It’s one of the reasons Wright says he’s thankful for KET and the reliable health information it furnishes the Commonwealth, whether through its Coronavirus: A Kentucky Update program, town-hall style forums or news and wellness programs.

“There’s still much to be known about this virus, so it’s important to consume good information,” Wright says. “KET has always been a trusted source, one that provides credible, well-researched evidence that helps people make informed decisions. And it does respected journalism that keeps our Commonwealth up-to-date.”

Wright, a family doctor from Glasgow, says he learned long ago that public health “goes well beyond the exam room.”

The COVID-19 epidemic, he says, offers a powerful reminder of this, given how the virus has disrupted Kentuckyís economy and upended nearly every facet of people’s lives.

“That makes it all the more important that we hear from each other so we can address the challenges we all share,” Wright says.

KET plays a central role in fostering important statewide conversations, bringing together people from a variety of organizations and walks of life to offer a broad perspective,
he adds.

“That’s the beauty of KET: it’s a great convening body,” says Wright, who has been a guest on several KET health programs in recent years, including episodes on COVID-19 and another on the flu. “It brings so many people to the table. And I have the utmost respect for Renee Shaw and Dr. Wayne Tuckson, both of whom offer a measured, balanced approach to the issues.”

The COVID-19 epidemic, likewise, underscores the importance of maintaining good daily health habits, Wright says, adding that the virus in some ways serves as a ‘stress-test’ on the body.

“The things we all typically worry about—aging, diabetes, hypertension—those are all things that come into play as we work to flatten the COVID curve,î Wright says. ìIt just shows you that good health information never goes out of vogue.”