Drama and discovery: KET’s Fall 2015 primetime lineup offers something for everyone

For Release: 08/24/15 2:28 PM

KET’s fall primetime schedule offers appointment-worthy programming across every genre – from drama and the performing arts to science, nature and history programs, all anchored by a new, riveting American Experience documentary on America’s most legendary storyteller: Walt Disney.

First, KET celebrates the 25th anniversary of Ken Burns’s iconic documentary The Civil War with a new, digitally re-mastered, high-definition version of the groundbreaking and award-winning film. The Civil War airs for five consecutive nights, Monday, Sept. 7 through Friday, Sept. 11 at 9/8 pm on KET.

A new Masterpiece drama, “Indian Summer,” set in India during in the 1930s, stars Oscar-nominee Julie Walters as a wily hostess of the hard-partying colonial retreat known as Silma. The series captures the intrigue and drama of three brother-sister pairs while the British ruling class lounges their summers away in India’s subtropical splendor. Masterpiece “Indian Summer” airs Sundays at 9/8 pm on KET, beginning Sept. 27 and Wednesdays at 9/8 pm on KET2, beginning Sept. 30.

In 1966, the year Walt Disney died, 240 million people viewed one of his movies, 100 million tuned into a Disney television program, 80 million people bought Disney merchandise and close to seven million people visited Disneyland. American Experience “Walt Disney, airing Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 14-15 at 9/8 pm on KET and Sundays, Sept. 20 and 27 at 9/8 pm on KET2, tells the story of the master filmmaker who harnessed the new power of film to bring animation and storytelling to a whole new level. The new, two-part documentary features rare archival footage from the Disney vaults, scenes from some of his greatest films, and interviews with animators, artists, engineers and designers who worked with him to bring his films to life and to transform his dreams for Disneyland into reality.

KET’s new documentary Louisville’s Olmsted Parks tells the story of fellow creative mind Frederick Law Olmsted, considered by many to be the Father of American Landscape Architecture. Though Olmsted’s work with New York’s Central Park and hundreds of other parks nationwide have secured his fame, many consider his design of Louisville’s 18 parks and six parkways – Louisville’s Olmsted Park system – to be the defining achievement of his career. Louisville’s Olmsted Parks airs Monday, Sept. 21 at 9/8 pm on KET.

Other fall programming highlights include:

  • Antiques Roadshow: new episodes from Albuquerque and Chicago, airing Mondays at 9/8 pm beginning Sept. 28 on KET and Thursdays at 8/7 pm on KET beginning Oct. 1.
  • The Brain with David Eagleman: offers an inside look at the inner-workings of the human brain, with insights into why we feel and think the things we do, airing Wednesdays at 10/9 pm on KET beginning Oct. 14 and Thursdays at 10/9 pm on KET2 beginning Oct. 15.
  • Nova “Dawn of Humanity,airing Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 9/8 pm on KET and Sunday, Sept. 20 at 7/6 pm on KET2, explores the discovery of fossils from ancient human ancestors in South Africa, shedding light on a crucial gap in the record of our origins that spans the transition between the ape-like australopithecines and the earliest members of the human family.
  • Nature: “Nature’s Miracle Orphans, airing Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 8/7 pm on KET and Saturday, Sept. 26 at 6/5 pm, details how animal rescue center caregivers help wild baby orphans get back on their feet – including a baby koala in Australia to a baby three-toed sloth in Costa Rica.
  • American Masters “Althea,airing Friday, Sept. 4 at 10/9 pm on KET and Sunday, Sept. 6 at 10/9 pm on KET2, tells the story of Althea Gibson, who emerged as the unlikely queen of the segregated tennis world of the 1950s and became the first African American to play and win Wimbledon and the U.S. Nationals.

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Todd Piccirilli
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications


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