KET profiles Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover

For Release: 05/15/17 1:44 PM

KET presents an in-depth portrait of Kentucky Speaker of the House Jeff Hoover, from his roots in Jamestown to his reflections on his first term as Speaker and his goals for the session ahead. Jeff Hoover: Journey from Jamestown airs Sunday, June 4 at 3:30/2:30 pm on KET.

The program offers a glimpse into the life of the first Republican to serve as Kentucky’s Speaker of the House in 96 years.

Hoover sits down with KET’s Renee Shaw at the Jamestown Café, his favorite hometown breakfast spot, to share his political philosophy and his family’s deep-rooted devotion to public service.

Shaw also connects with Hoover in Frankfort, following his first term as Speaker of the House, to discuss his reflections on working with the governor and leading Kentucky’s Republican majority. He shares his vision for Kentucky’s 2018 general assembly and the guiding principles behind his style of governance.

In addition, the program features interviews with those who know Hoover best, such as his wife, Karyn, and several friends, including Russell County Circuit Court Clerk Tony Kerr, who share insights into Hoover’s integrity, ambition and charitable spirit.

Jeff Hoover: Journey from Jamestown is a KET production, produced by Renee Shaw.

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