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Surfers Color the Water in Los Angeles

Baratunde surfs with Color the Water, a BIPOC surfing group in Los Angeles.
Clip Season 1 Episode 3 Length 06:58 Premiere: 07/13/22

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Season 1 America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston Episodes

Minnesota: A Better World

S1 E6 Length 53:58 Premiere Date 08/09/22

Tidewater: Homecoming

S1 E5 Length 53:09 Premiere Date 08/02/22

Appalachia: A Different Way

S1 E4 Length 54:03 Premiere Date 07/26/22

Los Angeles: It’s a Vibe

S1 E3 Length 53:50 Premiere Date 07/19/22

Idaho: Tied to the Land

S1 E2 Length 52:50 Premiere Date 07/12/22

Death Valley: Life Blooms

S1 E1 Length 53:25 Premiere Date 07/05/22

Surfers Color the Water in Los Angeles

Clip Length 06:58 Premiere Date 07/13/22

Exploring Death Valley

Preview Length 01:28 Premiere Date 07/05/22

Season Preview

Preview Length 02:40 Premiere Date 05/27/22

Five Things You Should Know About Baratunde Thurston

Clip Length 01:47 Premiere Date 05/31/22

Five Things You'll Learn From America Outdoors

Clip Length 01:36 Premiere Date 05/31/22

Sneak Peek

Preview Length 02:00 Premiere Date 06/15/22

Why Baratunde Is Excited

Preview Length 03:25 Premiere Date 06/23/22

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