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The Journal: Justice For Sale

Bill Moyers Journal revisits the 1999 FRONTLINE special "Justice for Sale" and takes a hard look at how campaign cash in judicial races may sway America's courts
Season 13 Episode 43 Length 53:52 Premiere: 02/19/10

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Season 13 Episodes

The Journal: Extended Final Show

S13 E53 Length 1:23:08 Premiere Date 04/29/10

The Journal: Our Media Future

S13 E52 Length 53:43 Premiere Date 04/22/10

The Journal: Achieving Financial Reform

S13 E51 Length 53:48 Premiere Date 04/15/10

The Journal: Louise Erdrich

S13 E50 Length 53:50 Premiere Date 04/09/10

The Journal: Inequality in America

S13 E49 Length 53:38 Premiere Date 04/02/10

The Journal: Reform vs. Reformation

S13 E48 Length 53:28 Premiere Date 03/25/10

The Journal: John Sexton

S13 E46 Length 49:43 Premiere Date 03/11/10

The Journal: Considering Health Care Reform

S13 E45 Length 49:37 Premiere Date 03/04/10

The Journal: Same Sex Marriage

S13 E44 Length 53:42 Premiere Date 02/26/10

The Journal: Justice For Sale

S13 E43 Length 53:52 Premiere Date 02/19/10

The Journal: Bill T. Jones

S13 E42 Length 52:04 Premiere Date 02/11/10

The Journal: After Citizens United

S13 E41 Length 53:35 Premiere Date 02/04/10

The Journal: State of the Union(s)

S13 E40 Length 52:19 Premiere Date 01/28/10

The Journal: Obama's First Year

S13 E39 Length 53:20 Premiere Date 01/21/10

The Journal: Greg Mortenson, Thomas Frank

S13 E38 Length 52:52 Premiere Date 01/15/10

The Journal: David Corn and Kevin Drum

S13 E37 Length 53:29 Premiere Date 01/07/10

The Journal: Washington for Sale?

S13 E35 Length 52:23 Premiere Date 12/18/09

The Journal: Howard Zinn

S13 E34 Length 53:39 Premiere Date 12/10/09

The Journal: Oliver Stone

S13 E33 Length 49:37 Premiere Date 12/03/09

The Journal: Jane Goodall

S13 E32 Length 49:44 Premiere Date 11/26/09

The Journal: LBJ's Road to War

S13 E31 Length 53:58 Premiere Date 11/19/09

The Journal: Anna Deavere Smith

S13 E30 Length 53:39 Premiere Date 11/12/09

The Journal: Economic Recovery in Review

S13 E28 Length 53:34 Premiere Date 10/29/09

The Journal: Judge Richard Goldstone

S13 E27 Length 52:46 Premiere Date 10/22/09

The Journal: Redefining the United States

S13 E26 Length 53:11 Premiere Date 10/15/09

The Journal: America's Economy Reformed?

S13 E25 Length 53:29 Premiere Date 10/08/09

The Journal: A New Direction for Afghanistan?

S13 E24 Length 53:39 Premiere Date 09/24/09

The Journal: Is Conservatism Dead?

S13 E23 Length 53:22 Premiere Date 09/17/09

The Journal: Obama at the Crossroads

S13 E22 Length 53:40 Premiere Date 09/10/09

The Journal: Floyd Abrams and Trevor Potter

S13 E21 Length 53:23 Premiere Date 09/03/09

The Journal: Critical Condition

S13 E19 Length 50:53 Premiere Date 08/20/09

The Journal: A Conservative Plan for Healthcare?

S13 E18 Length 53:09 Premiere Date 08/13/09

The Journal: Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot & Artist Chris Jordan

S13 E17 Length 49:19 Premiere Date 08/06/09

The Journal: Profits Before Patients

S13 E16 Length 51:12 Premiere Date 07/30/09

The Journal: Debating Health Care Reform

S13 E15 Length 53:38 Premiere Date 07/23/09

The Journal: Robert Wright on the Idea of God

S13 E14 Length 53:37 Premiere Date 07/16/09

The Journal: Profits over People

S13 E13 Length 51:51 Premiere Date 07/09/09

The Journal: Faith & Social Justice

S13 E12 Length 53:27 Premiere Date 07/02/09

The Journal: W. S. Merwin

S13 E11 Length 52:12 Premiere Date 06/25/09

The Journal: Women Fight for Peace

S13 E10 Length 53:09 Premiere Date 06/18/09

The Journal: Robert Reich and Kaye and Brookhiser

S13 E9 Length 53:02 Premiere Date 06/11/09

The Journal: The Costs of War and Media Analysis

S13 E8 Length 49:19 Premiere Date 06/04/09

The Journal: Maxine Hong Kingston

S13 E7 Length 53:24 Premiere Date 05/24/09

The Journal: Reforming American Health Care

S13 E6 Length 53:24 Premiere Date 05/21/09

The Journal: Pakistan Analysis and Educated Consumers

S13 E5 Length 53:24 Premiere Date 05/14/09

The Journal: Sen. Dick Durbin and Author Sara...

S13 E4 Length 53:19 Premiere Date 05/07/09

The Journal: U.S. Torture and Consequences?

S13 E3 Length 53:35 Premiere Date 04/30/09

The Journal: Time for New Pecora Hearings?

S13 E2 Length 52:29 Premiere Date 04/23/09

The Journal: THE WIRE's David Simon

S13 E1 Length 53:33 Premiere Date 04/16/09

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