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Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge

Construction of the Brooklyn Bridge

The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge consists of two granite towers and a series of steel cables. William M. Tweed, aka “Boss Tweed” was a notorious, corrupt politician who helped to fund the project.
Clip Length 03:29 Premiere: 5/1/17

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Funding Provided by: General Motors;CPB;PBS;New York Council for the Humanities;NEH;Citibank, N.A.; Abraham & Strauss; American Society of Civil Engineers; NY Telephone; Consolidated Edison; NY State Council for the Arts; Brooklyn Union Gas; Kings County Democratic Committee;Constans-Culver Foundation; New York Dock Railway; and W.R. Grace & Co.

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Brooklyn Bridge

About Brooklyn Bridge

Today it's a symbol of strength and vitality. 135 years ago, it was a source of controversy. This documentary examines the great problems and ingenious solutions that marked the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. From conception to construction, it traces the bridge's transformation from a spectacular feat of heroic engineering to an honored symbol in American culture.


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Brooklyn Bridge

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