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Featuring Robert L. Lynch, President of Americans for the Arts; National Museum of African American History & Culture curator Joanne Hyppolite, Ph.D.; the Hearts of Our People exhibition at the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum; calligrapher Sammy Little; Cheyenne Peace Chief Harvey Pratt; the Veterans History Project; visionary curator Eudorah Moore; and Berea College Student Craft
Season 12 Episode 1202 Length 55:06 Premiere: 10/26/20

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The show hosts and the show logo.The show hosts and the show logo.

Season 12 Episodes


S12 E1202 Length 55:06 Premiere Date 10/26/20


Preview Length 01:00 Premiere Date 10/26/20


Preview Length 03:04 Premiere Date 12/11/20

Explore weaving at Berea College

Clip Length 03:16 Premiere Date 10/26/20

Meet the Cheyenne and Arapaho Peace Chiefs

Clip Length 05:48 Premiere Date 10/26/20

See Gere Kavanaugh's designs

Clip Length 05:05 Premiere Date 10/26/20

Learn about the Year of American Craft

Clip Length 05:13 Premiere Date 10/26/20

Harvey Pratt on the blankets he designed

Clip Length 03:05 Premiere Date 10/26/20

Julie Schafler Dale on her collection and book

Clip Length 04:14 Premiere Date 12/11/20

Nicholas Galanin on "A Supple Plunder"

Clip Length 00:59 Premiere Date 12/11/20

Cutting alder to smoke salmon

Clip Length 02:23 Premiere Date 12/11/20

Merritt Johnson on her work

Clip Length 01:55 Premiere Date 12/11/20

Nicholas Galanin teaches his son

Clip Length 01:16 Premiere Date 12/11/20

Julie Schafler Dale on Ben Compton

Clip Length 02:07 Premiere Date 12/11/20

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