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Dropping Back In: More Than a Statistic

Dropping Back In: More Than a Statistic

A programs designed to get young dropouts back on course. Featured are Pedro Albizu Campos High School in Chicago, where a community-based curriculum incorporates Puerto Rican culture, and YouthBuild, a national program combining academics with mentoring and construction career training
S1 E2 Length 26:41 Premiere: 11.6.14

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Dropping Back In

About Dropping Back In

These half-hour documentary-style programs outline the huge personal and societal costs of dropping out of school and feature the innovative solutions making a difference in people's lives.

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Season 1 Episodes

Dropping Back In: Working for the Future

S1 E4 Length 26:41 Premiere Date 10.12.14

Dropping Back In: Complicated Lives

S1 E3 Length 26:43 Premiere Date 10.5.14

Dropping Back In: More Than a Statistic

S1 E2 Length 26:41 Premiere Date 11.6.14

Dropping Back In: Second Chances

S1 E1 Length 26:41 Premiere Date 10.1.14

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