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Unexplored Bear Country

Steve and his team of fellow kayakers continue their first descent down the Kronotsky River into prime bear territory. They must secure all of their gear onto an inflatable raft to protect it from the wild rapids.
Clip Season 2 Episode 1 Length 03:05 Premiere: 07/06/22

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Kentucky Life host Chip Polston sitting on a bench and smiling.Kentucky Life host Chip Polston sitting on a bench and smiling.

Season 2 Season 2 Episodes

Expedition Unseen

S2 E6 Length 51:24 Premiere Date 08/10/22

Socorro: Expedition Shark Island

S2 E5 Length 51:08 Premiere Date 08/03/22

Gabon: Expedition Jungle Paradise

S2 E4 Length 51:50 Premiere Date 07/27/22

Kyrgyzstan: Expedition Mountain Ghost

S2 E3 Length 51:08 Premiere Date 07/20/22

Saudi Arabia: Expedition Volcanic Underworld

S2 E2 Length 52:01 Premiere Date 07/13/22

Kamchatka: Expedition Grizzly River

S2 E1 Length 52:00 Premiere Date 07/06/22

Kronotsky River First Descent

Clip Length 02:14 Premiere Date 07/06/22

Navigating the Kronotsky River with a Drone

Clip Length 02:08 Premiere Date 07/06/22

Unexplored Bear Country

Clip Length 03:05 Premiere Date 07/06/22


Preview Length 00:31 Premiere Date 07/06/22

Expedition Unpacked | Preview

Preview Length 00:31 Premiere Date 03/16/22

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