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Diving Through a Halocline

Beneath a forest in the Dominican Republic, divers explore an underground limestone cave system which has been carved out by water. The water in the cave is exceptionally clear but deep inside the cave system they encounter a rare phenomenon known as a halocline, where fresh water from the cave meets sea water that has seeped inland from the coast, and meet with a beautiful boundary layer.
Clip Season 1 Episode 2 Length 02:14 Premiere: 09/20/16

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The show hosts and the show logo.The show hosts and the show logo.

Season 1 Episodes


S1 E4 Length 53:40 Premiere Date 10/04/16


S1 E3 Length 54:11 Premiere Date 09/27/16


S1 E2 Length 54:11 Premiere Date 09/20/16


S1 E1 Length 54:11 Premiere Date 09/13/16

At the Kawah Ijen

Clip Length 02:50 Premiere Date 09/20/16

Diving Through a Halocline

Clip Length 02:14 Premiere Date 09/20/16

Episode 2 Preview | Elements

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 09/20/16


Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 09/13/16

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