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Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

Join Stephen Hawking as he sets three ordinary people a truly mind-bending challenge: Can they work out why they exist at all? Hawking takes them down a rabbit hole of profound realizations, helping them think like philosophers as much as scientists. #HawkingGeniusPBS
Preview Season 1 Episode 3 Length 00:30 Premiere: 5/25/16

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Genius by Stephen Hawking

About Genius by Stephen Hawking

In Genius by Stephen Hawking, Professor Stephen Hawking challenges a selection of volunteers to think like the greatest geniuses in history and solve some of humanity's most enduring questions.

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Season 1 Episodes

Where Are We?

S1 E6 Length 54:11 Premiere Date 6/1/16

What Are We?

S1 E5 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 6/1/16

Where Did the Universe Come From?

S1 E4 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 5/25/16

Why Are We Here?

S1 E3 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 5/25/16

Are We Alone?

S1 E2 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 5/18/16

Can We Time Travel?

S1 E1 Length 54:40 Premiere Date 5/18/16

Brain Activity and Fireworks

Clip Length 02:34 Premiere Date 5/24/16

Doppelganger Challenge Exploring Human Choices

Clip Length 02:41 Premiere Date 5/24/16

Martini Experiment

Clip Length 02:04 Premiere Date 5/24/16

Floating Plates

Clip Length 01:25 Premiere Date 5/24/16

Why Are We Here?

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 5/25/16

Official Trailer

Preview Length 00:30 Premiere Date 5/18/16

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