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Long's Political Power

Long's Political Power

During the era that Huey Long was running for US Senate, Long founded a newspaper of his own — the Louisiana Progress — which he used to broadcast his achievements and denounce his enemies. He served as governor and senator simultaneously, wielding a great amount of power.
Clip Length 04:35 Premiere: 5/1/17

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Huey Long

About Huey Long

He was hailed as a champion of the poor and reviled as a dictator. Louisiana's Huey Long rose to Governor and U.S. Senator on a platform of social reform and justice, all the while employing graft and corruption to get what he wanted. Ken Burns reveals a complex and comprehensive portrait of the man, his politics and the power he so obsessively sought.


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Long's Political Power

Clip Length 04:35 Premiere Date 5/1/17

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