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Host Marcus Samuelsson goes to Seattle, where he spends time with immigrant and second-generation Filipinos who are taking charge of their city's food scene. As Filipino food gains more national, mainstream recognition, members of the community are working to tell the story on their own terms.
S2 E1 Length 54:41 Premiere: 12.23.19

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Join chef Marcus Samuelsson on an inspiring journey across the U.S. to explore and celebrate the wide-ranging diversity of immigrant traditions and cuisine woven into American food and culture.

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Season 2


S2 E6 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 2.17.20

Las Vegas

S2 E5 Length 52:04 Premiere Date 2.10.20


S2 E4 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 2.3.20


S2 E3 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 1.27.20

Los Angeles

S2 E2 Length 54:33 Premiere Date 1.20.20


S2 E1 Length 54:41 Premiere Date 12.23.19

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